Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lust have it! Beauty Box: January 2013

Fiiiiiiiinally my Lust have it box arrived!! I always thought that it took so bloody long to get to me because I lived in Darwin (and nothing happens on time in Darwin) but I'm in Adelaide now and it still took ages which is weird because every other parcel I've got so far has arrived in a small number of days.  Anyways rant over let's talk about what's in this months box...

First off they've got rid of the colourful bags they used to come in which I'm quite happy about as I have waaay too many.  The new packaging is a box (tadah!).  It's a light pinky/peachy colour with floral design and will be perfect for storing things prettily in my cupboard.

And here's what I got in my box:

1. Nude by Nature 5 in 1 BB Cream.
I was quite excited by this as it's a full size product with a value of $19.95.  I also got in a shade for light tones which is perfect for me as I'm a whitey! BUT... I swatched it on my skin and its SO white. On first thoughts it appears to have too much zinc in it.  I'm going to wait till I've tried it on a full face before I give my final verdict although overall I am happy as I've heard lots of stories of other girls getting the incorrect shades for their skintone.

2. Lush Cosmetics Emotional Brillance Makeup (RRP $24.95)
This was another full sized makeup product that I was excited about.  Unfortunately when I opened my one the applicator wand was broken.  It's a deep purpley colour that I first thought was an eyeshadow as it's quite powdery but after looking on the lush website it's actually a lip product.  I have contacted Lusthaveit to let them know it's broken and ask for a replacement.  Will wait and see what they have to say.  There was also a card in the box that you can take to Lush to receive a colour reading and a sample make-up remover which I may or may not use as there is only one Lush store that I know of in Adelaide and it's a bit of a hike for me to get there.

3.  Lust have it Kabuki Brush (RRP $19.95)
This brush feels amazing.  It's a synthetic brush that can be used wet or dry to apply base, bronzer or blush.  I use one of these brushes every day and it's getting old now so I'm excited to try this and see if it's as good or even better than the one I currently use.

4.  Ella Bache 50+ Sportsbloc Active
This is a sample size (20ml) of an SPF50+ sunblock.  Sunblocks with an SPF higher than 30 are a new thing to Australia but something we always had back in NZ.  I'll probably keep this in my car for an emergency but I can't see myself using it more than once as it's in a sachet not a bottle which get's messy.

5.  Klorane Shampoo & Conditioner
These were sample sized products and I'm interested to try them out.  I'm a fan of the Klorane dry shampoo so will see if these live up to the same quality.  They're formulated for dry summer hair and God knows I've got that ha!

Even though there were a couple of things to whinge about in this months box overall I'm really happy.  Lust Have It have really picked up their game from late last year when the boxes were a little on the dismal side.  The value of this months pack comes in at over $70 and for only $15 a month you won't catch me complaining.

Happy Hump Day everyone :)


  1. I STILL haven't received mine and I live in NSW!!

    I am so hoping I get the light BB cream.

    With the BB cream, when you put it on give it time to oxidise the colour should change, also I always set with powder so trying a darker powder might help.

    1. Wow, I don't think I'll ever understand why they take so long from when they say they send them out to when we get them. Thanks for your tip on the BB Cream, I'll see how it goes and if all else fails I'm sure bronzer will save the day :D

    2. Woo Hoo mine arrived :o) I've put up my review up if you want to go take a look. Almost the same as the box you received.


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