Friday, January 18, 2013

Make-up Haul - MUA

Last week I ordered a few products from MUA in the UK after reading really good reviews about them on other blogs and they arrived today in the post! 

Here's what I got:

BB Cream 30ml - All in one Beauty Balm
Light - Shade 1
Promises to prime, smooth and conceal.
I've only tried this one this morning but I found it to be a thicker consistency than the Garnier BB Cream and has more of a matte finish.  It gave me great coverage but is a little on the dry side for my dry skin so tomorrow I may try mixing in some of my Napoleon Auto-Pilot Primer. After wearing it all day it does seem to just be sitting on my skin instead of melting in so I'll definitely be trying it again tomorrow with moisturizer and primer which I'm hoping will fix it as the coverage and colour is perfect.

Eyedusts 1.5g - Shade 1 and 3
These eyedusts are awesome.  Shade 1 is a sparkly (not glittery) silver shade and Shade 3 is a mint green.  After swatching these this morning and wearing Shade 3 today I would go so far as to say they are better than my Napoleon Loose Dusts.  The green is very pigmented and hasn't creased all day.  The only downside is that there are only 5 shades to choose from but I'll be buying the other 3 shades in my next order.

Lipbalms 10g in Sweet Kiss and Sugar Lips
These. Lipbalms. Are. Amazing!  They taste good, smell good, and last on my lips for ages!

Professional Eye Primer 7.5ml
This product promises to prevent eyeshadows from creasing and also make them last longer.  This is my first time using an eyeshadow primer and whilst I'm not sold on how necessary it is it has seemed to do the job.  No creases and my eye makeup is just how it was when I put it on this morning.

The Artiste Collection Pallette - I actually received this one free with my order which was a special they had on at the time. I've had a little play and the colours seem pigmented and of good quality.  I may do a more in-depth review later once I've formed more of an opinion.

All-together with shipping it came to about £20 which converted to about $32AUD which is totally a bargain.  I'm extremely happy with my haul!!

If you want to buy MUA or have a look at all their products go here and also like them on facebook because once they receive 50,000 likes they're having a big sale and hey we all love a good sale :)


  1. I want all of these things! What are good shades for blue eyes? xo

    1. Hey lovely, thanks for reading :) A nude eye always looks great on blue eyes, you can make it smoky to darken it or use bronze colours to keep it natural. Colours I would use on your eyes would be purples and lighter blues or greens but you should experiment with lots of colours and see what you like. Often it's just the shade of the colour that can make or break it.


    2. Thanks for this. I got the 12 shade heaven and earth palette, and the 12 shade dawn til dusk palette (among lots of other cheap!) I love this blog, please keep updating xo

    3. Thanks Rebekah, I bought way too many things in the MUA sale, it was just too good to pass up, those palettes will be great for you xx


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