Thursday, January 31, 2013

Makeup Haul: Makeup Academy UK

I woke up to a cold dreary rainy day in Adelaide this morning and was lounging around the house all sad faced when the postman turned up with my package from Makeup Academy.  I'm sure I only placed this order last week and as they had a huge 50% off sale I thought I'd have to wait for ages so was not expecting it at all.  I did go a little crazy and buy things that weren't entirely necessary but hey, it was half price and free shipping and their products are cheap anyway... why do I always feel the need to justify my purchases ha!

Aaaanyways here's what I got:

2x Palettes in Poptastic & Undressed.
Apparently Undressed is a dupe for the Urban Decay palette but I can't compare.  I didn't actually mean to buy it but it somehow ended up in my cart (yeah right).  Poptastic is very bright and very pigmented but I'm excited about using it.  My only gripe is their are three teal colours that are very similar.  They normally sell for £4 but were half price at £2 which comes in at approximately $3AUD.  Yeah now you're listening.  I got an artistic palette in my last order from MUA (read about it here) and I'm very impressed with the pigmentation and staying power of the eyeshadows and blushers.

I also got this trio eyeshadow in 'Innocence'.  Lovely shimmery shades that considering the above palette I really didn't need at all but the colours are different so not a complete waste.

2x Intense Colour Eyeliner Pencils in Jet Black & Torquise
Mascara - Mega Volume in Black

Kiss Proof Lip Stain in Fabulicious
Lip Boom in OMG - This is a lipstick on one end and sparkly lipgloss on the other in a sweet coral shade.

Brush on Concealer Pen in Radiance - I'll try anything that might replace my (hexy) YSL Radiant Touch
Mosaic Blusher in English Rose
Matte Perfect Loose Translucent Powder

Eyedusts - I was so impressed with the first 2 eyedusts I got in my first haul that I had to get the rest of the colours.  Unfortunately their colour selection is small (5) and I'm not highly impressed with the actual colours but they're still good.  The first swatch is Shade 6 and an aubergine colour, middle is Shade 4 and is Khaki (yuk) and the last is Shade 5, a cool deep brown (love).  As you can see in the picture once you unscrew the lid the loose dust comes out of an open hole.  This is not very user friendly at all and I've been tapping product out onto something else to dip my brush in but this get's messy and uses more product than you would if you could just dip your brush in. I may repot these into something else in the near future.

Lipbalms in Hot Lips, Kiss Me and Great Lips.  I have one of these on right now and I can not rave enough about these lip balms.  Cute packaging.  Delicious Smell.  Hint of colour. Long lasting.  Hydrating.  Just like the eye dusts I HAD to have every colour so I bought the rest to complete my collection.

Pro-Base Makeup Fixing Mist - Never used a product like this and am sceptical but will see how it goes
Pro-Base Complexion Kit - Ivory.  This contains a cream to powder foundation, cream concealer, cream highlighter and 2 applicators.  Can't wait to try it out.

This was a pretty large haul but with the 50% off and free international shipping I spent a total of around $37AUD.  I can't think of anywhere you can spend $37 and get this much makeup!!! Even though I didn't spend much overall I think I may need to impose a spending ban so I actually start using all of the things I've bought this month. It would help a lot if there wern't so many sales!

Happy last day of the month girlies - Thank God it's Friday tomorrow :)



  1. Great Haul!! Still waiting on mine, if yours is here can't be far now :o)

    I wish it was a dreary rainy day here, there's a fire up the road we are nervously watching.

    Enjoyed reading your blog.

  2. Thanks :) My sister ordered same time as me but hasn't got yet either but she's in QLD and with the current flood situation could be delayed. Hope your's arrives soon and that fire stays contained too!!

  3. Ohh you have some fantastic things! I've been wanting to try MUA for the longest time but already have so much make up that I haven't touched.

    PS how did your haircut go today? Was the salon and cut ok?

  4. Thanks :) haven't been for the haircut yet am going tomorrow morning. Wish me luck :)


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