Friday, February 1, 2013

Hairdressers: You get what you pay for?

Hairdressers.  Why does it have to be so painful to find a good hairdresser.

As you may know I've only recently moved to Adelaide and with all the stress of the move and travelling and Christmas etc my hair was well over-due for a cut.  One of my best friends is an amazing hairdresser (award-winning in fact) but unfortunately she lives back in NZ so maybe I've been a bit spoilt.  Anyways things were so dire with the hair situation last week and I was whinging about it when I got an email from one of those daily deal sites to say a hairdresser near me was offering a Cut, Colour, Treatment, Blowdry and Shellac Manicure for only $49.  I have a block colour in my hair and only needed a good trim so what could go wrong I thought and proceeded to book it in.

It's taken me awhile to think of the right words to write this as I don't want to come across as a snob BUT I'll begin.  The salon was out in the suburbs and was in a little shopping centre that took me a while to find.  As soon as I walked in I realised that it wasn't going to be exactly high quality service.  Apart from 3 mirrors on the wall there wasn't much decoration, the tiled floor was all cracked and dirty and nothing gave me the idea I was about to be pampered.  Also the Salon is placed very near a Butchers and so for the whole 3 hours I was there all i could smell was raw meat.  Burn some candles people!!!!

I digress...

I can't really complain about my colour, its nice and even, my blowdry consisted of an apprentice drying my hair and then straightening it without the hint of a product or even a brush and my cut was a very tiny trim even though I asked her to take off all my split ends she just chopped into it a bit and the whole cut was done in literally 5 minutes.   I was then taken to the counter to pay where I had to ask if I was having the Shellac.  Turns out she hadn't booked it in so I waited 15mins for the girl to be available to do my nails.  I've had Shellac done a number of times but nothing ever like this, I could pick from 4 colours and there wasn't even a hint of a manicure she literally painted my nails and then stuck them under the UV light.  The bottle of shellac was completely broken on top and while my nails were under the UV light the girl started painting her own nails which on a whole I found pretty unprofessional.  They were also still damp when I left and subsequently one of them is now smudged as I expected them to be dry.

Overall my hair looks refreshed but I definitely don't look like I've just walked out of a salon.  The worst part was when I got home I found hair dye had dripped down my back on my new white shirt.  I've got it soaking it may come out... but still.... who does that....  I'll be doing my research a lot more thoroughly next time I get my hair done.  Also the pictures on the salons facebook page were taken in VERY good light, on a very good day (possibly in another place). Lesson learnt!!

Okay that's enough whinging for me.  It's Friday night and I'm going out for a lovely dinner with my man :)

Do you have any bad hairdressing stories? 

Enjoy your weekend lovelies xo


  1. Oh poor you, I had to laugh at the meat, I wasn't expecting that picture!

    I hope you have a great dinner with your man, I guess you won't be having steak?


  2. Hahaha definitely no steak for me last night... Seafood all the way :)

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