Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lipstick Republic - Mini Haul

Lipstick Republic were having a 15% off sale to celebrate reaching 1500 likes on facebook so I celebrated by purchasing a couple of things I'd had my eye on for a little while.  I made my first purchase from Lipstick Republic only a few weeks ago and was super impressed with their customer service - you can read about it here.

Here's what I got

RRP$14.95 - A palette of creamy eye primers designed to be worn under the Sleek eyeshadows to make the colours stronger and last longer. Full review here
Sleek i-divine Primer Palette

RRP$5.99  The colors are meant to be blended together as the Blue neutralizes orange, the Green neutralizes red, the Pink neutalizes grey and the Yellow brightens and neutralizes red.

elf studio tone correcting powder

occ lip tar, limecrime eyeshadow helper, sleek pout paint

Lipstick Republic also threw in a sample of Limecrimes Eyeshadow Helper which I'm absolutely loving right now - you can read my review here.  Again it's another happy purchase from Lipstick Republic, I encourage you to check them out!! Another thing i forgot to add is I received my parcel the very next day after ordering which is impressive to say the least.

Please note: I am in no way affiliated with Lipstick Republic, I'm just a happy customer who thinks they're awesome :)


  1. Everything looks great, I would be very interested to know what you think of the Sleek palette once you try it and if it does make your eyeshadow last longer :o)

    Jac x0x

  2. I second that - does each colour have to be applied with the corresponding eyeshadow colour?

    1. I don't have any other sleek eyeshadows so can only test it on ones I already have but I'll be doing a few different tests and will definitely review :)

  3. Cool! I love Sleek products, they're so pigmented and good quality which is great/surprising considering they're SO cheap! x

  4. Great haul, you got some fab items!

    Sita xx


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