Monday, March 25, 2013

I've been lusting after some Yankee Candles ever since I saw them at my sister-in-law's house.  In my opinion these candles are far superior to Dusk or Glasshouse candles.

Adelaide is lucky enough to have it's own Yankee Candle shop so off I went one sunny Saturday to check it out and here's what I got.

Yankee Candle - Vanilla Cupcake
The vanilla cupcake was the one I was most excited about and for that reason I bought the biggest one available.  I'd smelled it before and it's just divine.

It has two wicks and this 625g jar will give you up to 85 hours of fragrance. Impressive!

Yankee Candles - Strawberry Buttercream, Midsummers Night, Vanilla Satin

I got 6 sampler votives in all so I could try out a few different flavours/scents.  Pictured above is Strawberry Buttercream, Midsummers Night and Vanilla Satin.  Midsummers night actually has a men's fragrance in it which is really cool and different and the other two smell just how they sound.

Yankee Candles - True Rose, Pink Dragonfruit, Red Velvet

These three are True Rose, Pink Dragonfruit and Red Velvet.  True Rose smells like a bunch of red roses and is actually for my Mum (I hope she doesn't read this), Pink dragonfruit is a really sweet fruity scent and Red Velvet smells like I've been baking cupcakes all day.

You really have to smell these gorgeous candles to understand their amazing scents.  They fill the home instantly with their amazing scents and the scent really lingers even after you've blown the candle out.  I want to burn these candles every single day, breathing in their sweet relaxing aroma while curled up with a hot milo and a good book...  Dreams are free.

You can check out the (Adelaide) shop through facebook here

Kayte x

Friday, March 22, 2013

On the hunt for a pick-me-up for my skin I picked up this polish from Priceline this week.

The Sanctuary Spa Warming Micro-Brasion Polish is designed to be an at home polish with results you would normally see after a professional facial.

What they say:
Our spa microdermabrasion combines intense warming to help open pores & stimulate circulation, while the ultrafine polish of marine earth & natural koalin help detoxify leaving skin feeling cleansed & refreshed.  Rich beeswax, jojoba & wheatgerm help hydrate and protect leaving skin feeling refined, smooth and looking more youthful.

Sanctuary Spa Warming Micro-brasion Polish

What I say:
The very first time I used this product I was super impressed.  The exfoliating beads in this are so tiny and it really does feel like it's polishing your skin and not scratching it or stripping it as some exfoliaters can do.  As soon as you start rubbing it onto your skin it instantly warms up which is a really peculiar feeling.  I used circular motions to rub it gently all over my face and washed off with warm water.

I have dry skin and often when I use exfoliators they make my skin feel so dry and tight.  This however, left my skin feeling smooth and hydrated.  Applying moisturiser afterwards was like a dream and my skin just seemed to soak it up.  I am really impressed with this product and I noticed an improvement in my skin from the first use - it was clearer and brighter!

I purchased this from Priceline for around $15 for 100ml.  I'd love to know if anyone has tried any other products in the range and what they think, I'm definitely keen to try some of their other products now.

Kayte x

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I received a parcel from my best friend Ruthie last week containing the following goodies and I wanted to show you all/brag.

 Jen Jewel Pore Minimiser

Jen Jewel Pore Minimiser

 Enchanting Ella Eye Cream

Lotus Lily Lip Balm

I absolutely love the packaging of the Glamourflage products and it's been such a long time since I've seen them stocked on shelves (purely because I've been living in the middle of nowhere).  I've had a quick look and theres only two stockists in South Australia and they're not very close to me either so this makes this present even better.

Glamourflage products are made in Australia (win) and don't test on animals (double win) and you can visit their website to see their full range at  I still haven't decided whether or not to actually use them or just display them beautifully on my dressing table.

Kayte x

P.S:  Not only does my best friend Ruthie send me delectable gifts in the mail, she also runs her own boutique store called The Yellow Brick Road which is full of all things amazing.  The shop ships worldwide and you can check them out at

Monday, March 18, 2013

Oh My God it must be my lucky month because I received my Lust Have It and my Bellabox both super early this month.

Not only did I receive it early but its an awesome box.  It has an amazing variety of different products which is exactly what I wanted to see when I signed up for beauty boxes.  I wanted the opportunity to try things that I wouldn't normally purchase myself.

Enough of that and onto the good stuff.  I got 6 products this month - 5 which are listed on the card and a sample that was left out in last month's box.  They arrived inside a lovely mint green collectors box which I love.

1.  BioElixia Body Shaper Cellulite Contour Creme - This is a full sized product valued at $59 and I'm super excited to lather it all over and watch my cellulite disappear.  
2.  Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray - I've never used a finishing spray to set my makeup so I'm very interested to try this and see if it works and what it's like.
3.  The Natural Source Camouflage Colour Crayons - these are valued at $9.99 each and I got two - one pinky nude colour which I'll be trying out in my waterline and a darker berry colour which would be perfect for a dark wintery berry lip colour.
4. DeLorenzo Hair Masque - I welcome any hair mask with open arms especially one that promises to "restore and nourish dry, damaged hair to it's former glory"
5.  Ocean Essence Gold Eye Cream - This is another full sized product workth $39.95. I need an eye cream so I look forward to trying this.  I can't quite put my finger on it but something about the packaging of this is weird.  The writing on the back reminds me of a fake mac product I got once.  Also they printed their own website wrong on the back..... Just an observation, I still look forward to trying it.

Swatch of my two Camouflage Colour Pencils

Camouflage Colour Skin Crayons

Ocean Essence Gold Eye Cream
Back of Eye Cream

 I also received four cards in the box with the following offers
1.  Join Dollar Shave Club and receive a free month of razors
2.  $15 off at Iconic
3.  Buy one get one free to see the movie 'Warm Bodies'
4.  25% off an Elixia purchase online

Lust Have It have really outdone themselves this month, I am so happy with every product I received and I hope they keep it up.  The value of this box is over $120 with four full sized products.  Winning.  On that note I received an email last week to say that Lust Have It are upping their prices to $19.95 a month from now on.  The good news is that for existing subscribers they will continue to receive their boxes at the $14.95 price for the next 6 months.   This is what their latest email promised for the boxes to come:

"This year we'll be getting more international brands, more premium brands, more salon quality products, more full sized products, more beauty videos, more limited edition collectable boxes, more competitions, more VIP benefits... MORE! MORE! MORE!"

Only time will tell if this will actually happen but judging by this box alone, they're on the right track.  I'd love to know what you got in your Lust Have it or what you think about this one.  If you'd like to sign up you can visit the website at

Kayte x

Thursday, March 14, 2013

I signed up for the "Her Fashion Box" around a month ago and I was heaps excited and sceptical (ha) about what it was going to be like.  I used a discount code to get it half price for $24.95 but I still felt like that was a lot to pay for a complete surprise.  What makes it unique compared to bellabox and lust have it is that it includes a fashion item each month and to be honest that's probably the part that interests me the least which is why I was pretty sceptical.

My box arrived today and I had already noticed a lot of blog posts, instagram pics and tweets that I'd managed to avoid looking at in detail as I wanted to savour the surprise.  There are three boxes to choose from - Classic, Feminine and Trendy.  I picked Feminine.

Here's what I got

It arrived in a bright pink outer box with this black box inside.  The packaging itself is eye-catching, professional and sturdy so they're winning with me already.

Redken Diamond Oil Shampoo, Conditioner & Treatment.  Redken is my favourite hair brand at the moment and I'm really looking forward to trying these products out.  The shampoo is in a 50ml bottle and both the conditioner and treatment are 30ml tubes.  I estimate I'll get 3 uses out of this which is a really great trial size.  Absolutely can't wait to use them.

Master Makeup Eyeshadow Brush - Putting any kind of brush or tool in a box is always going to be a winner.  I'm interested to try this and see how it is as it's a brand I've never heard of before.  RRP for the brush alone is $30

Maybelline Sensational Lipgloss in Glisten up Pink - Perfect colour to me and feels like a really nice lipgloss.  I'll definitely use this.

A box of feminine hygiene products.  I don't think I'll be doing a personal review of these items any time soon ha, but always handy to have around.

Circa Home - Lilac & Orchid Soap - Smells divine but I'm not a soap user.  I'll probably re-gift this.

A hairtie with a silver bow - very cute and as I've been wearing a pony-tail to work every day I'll be able to use this to glam it up a little

 A romantic collar necklace in Silver.  I'm not much of a jewellery person but this is actually really cute.  I may wear this but I'm undecided.

The box also included a very professional A5 sized magazine describing everything in the box.  This to me was one of the major points that makes this beauty box so much more professional than the others.  The magazine not only details whats in your box (and the others) it gives you tips and ideas on how to use them which is really great.

Overall I found this box to be well above the standard of other boxes, I love that the products I received were silver and not gold and hope that is a result of the form I filled in when I signed up and not a fluke.  I can only wonder wether the level of professionalism and quality of products will be kept up.  I'll wait to receive the next box before I make my decision.

If you'd like to sign up you can do so here at Her Fashion Box for $39.95 a month.

What do you think? Did you sign up or are you considering it?

Kayte x

I was super excited to arrive home this afternoon and find my Bellabox waiting for me.  Every other month I've been one of the last to receive the box and it's so hard to not sneak peak at blog reviews and instagram pics. I love surprises so I try really hard to not look.

The theme this month is Delicious Beauty and they've treated us to two colour products instead of one.

Here's what I got in this month's box

Six products in all and over all I have to say I'm a little underwhelmed.  

Simuolive Olive Hydrating Shower Gel - I'm excited about this because it's New Zealand made and so am I!! Always nice to see local products and it's a 50ml size which is a really great size for trying out a product.

Ocean Essence Body Milk in Coconut.  I picked this up and sighed as I thought "great another little moisturiser to add to the collection" and then I smelled the coconut and proceeded to lather it all on my arms haha.  It's definitely a milk and not a cream - very lightweight and smells divine. 

Really Bellabox? A protein bar?  Pretty random if you ask me and at 245 calories per bar I'd have to be doing a pretty hectic workout at the gym to warrant eating that many calories at once - especially for only 18g protein.  I do eat protein bars or shakes after workouts but this is a bit too high in sugar and calories to interest me.

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire EDT - This is a beautiful scent and I'm even thinking about buying it already, I've been looking for a new fragrance for awhile.  I'll be able to use this over the next few days and make a decision.

Yes to Carrots Lip Gloss - Playful Nude - I tried this on and it feels very soft and smooth on.  It has peppermint oil in it which gives a bit of tingle to your lips.  I'll definitely be throwing this in my handbag for use.

Designer Brands Lip Pencil - Nude - I've never tried Designer Brands before, something about their packaging just screams cheap and nasty to me.  This lip pencil has a sharpener built into the lid which is handy.

Well that's March's bellabox.  If you'd like to sign up you can go to and its $15 a month.  I think there's no doubt that the value of each box each month is over $15 but sooner or later you have to start considering wether it has that much value to you individually.  I'm starting to wonder.... How many samples of lipgloss, moisturiser, body wash can one accumulate.

Did you get this month's bellabox?  I'd love to know what you think.

Kayte x

I haven't done an empties post before purely because I'm terrible at using products up.  I have so many half used bottles of products that I've got bored with, didn't like or opened something new and more exciting.  I could never imagine doing a monthly post of empties although I really should start using things up before I open something new.  That would be the sensible thing anyways... and let's be realistic haha.

Here's some things I did manage to "empty" in the last couple of months.

Radox Muscle Soothe - I love long relaxing baths and I used this bath soak a lot to soothe my aching muscles when I was doing Jillian Michael's 30 day shred.

De Lorenzo Nova Fusion Shampoo in Fire Red - I use this every time I wash my hair to keep my hair red.

Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo - I actually have about 3 empties of this exact product as I use it every second day to get another day out of my hair before washing - Read: dry ends and oily roots!!

Garnier Intensive 7days Moisturiser for dry, dull skin.  This is my second bottle and when I remember to put moisturizer on after my shower my skin thanks me for it.  As for lasting 7 days.... who knows.

Perfume - Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted - This was the first vial of a two pack I got for Christmas from my boyfriend and I've really been enjoying it.  I used to always have about 5 different perfumes on the go but lately I've been finding it really hard to find a scent that I really like.  This is a light sweet scent that's perfect for everyday.

Clarins Multi-Active Night Cream - Once upon a time many moons ago I worked on a Clarins beauty counter and fell in love with their products.  If I won lotto I would buy the whole entire Clarins range (skincare & bodycare) and cover myself in it from head to toe everyday.  My skin always looks so much better when I use Clarins but I can't always justify spending the money.

Clarins Multi-Active Serum - I put this on before my daily moisturizer and absolutely love it.  This product was the very first serum I ever tried and has always made a significant improvement in my skin.  This tiny little tube lasted me 3 months.

Benefit Porefessional Primer Sample - Used it, loved it and got a full tube of it for Christmas from my lovely sister - Win!

Pantene Clinicare Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment.  I do love this stuff and use it every now and again but apparently it's full of bad stuff that makes your hair FEEL good but doesn't actually do anything good to it.  That's what I heard anyways, I have no idea if it's true.  This was a little sample pack which gave me two uses.

Well that was my very un-exciting first empties post, I feel more inspired now to use up some more products in the hope of showing you some better ones next time ha!

Kayte x

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Obessive Compulsive Cosmetics are a 100% vegan & cruelty free makeup brand that are probably more well known for their cult product - the Lip Tar.

The OCC Loose Colour Concentrate in Twirl is a fascinating coloured eyeshadow. It's described as a shimmery neutral peach colour but once you apply the product the colour is really multi-faceted.  The photos really don't do justice to it.  It can be applied not only to the eyes but also as a highlighter to the cheeks or on the lips for something a bit different.  It is an extremely soft and finely milled product that applys easily and wears well.  I only needed the tiniest bit on my eyes so I can imagine this is going to last me a really long time.

OCC Loose Concentrate in Twirl

OCC Loose Concentrate in Twirl

Swatch - OCC Loose Concentrate in Twirl

Here's a link to another beauty blog who's photos show the product a lot clearer and  also reviews some of the other colours in the range.

This was another purchase from Lipstick Republic and comes in a 2.5g pot for $14.00 and you can find them online here

Sunday, March 10, 2013

I made another Sleek purchase through Lipstick Republic last week, this time to feed my current addiction to matte eyeshadows.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I've worn shimmer eyeshadows for.ever.  I have a large collection of Napoleon loose eye dusts and all my pallettes are shimmer collections.  Until now.

What I'm finding is that wearing matte eyeshadows is actually making my eyes appear fresher and more awake and also the wear time on matte eyeshadows is a lot longer than shimmer shadows.

Anyhow onto my new sleek palette: I-Divine Eyeshadow Palette in Ultra Matts V2

This palette consists of 12 matte eyeshadows in a variety of colours.  I love the range of colours in this palette because I will wear every single one of them.

Sleek i-Divine Ultra Matts V2 Eyeshadow Palette

Sleek i-Divine Ultra Matts V2 Eyeshadow Palette
Pic of palette with names for reference (terrible lighting)

The colours are super pigmented and I have had no fall-out when applying.  The palette does come with a dual ended applicator but like most palettes I find this unusable and prefer to use my own brushes.

Sleek i-Divine Ultra Matts V2 Eyeshadow Palette

I wore the top left eyeshadow (the teal colour - orbit) yesterday and received comments from 2 random people in the shopping centre and also from my boyfriend, which was the biggest surprise as he can't even normally tell the difference between me wearing makeup and not wearing it *sigh*.  They blend so well and look absolutely divine on (pun intended haha), this is definitely a palette I'm going to get a lot of use out of.

They're extremely good value at only $14.95 (not inc P & P) and can be purchased at

 What do you think about this palette?  Do you prefer matte or shimmer eyeshadows?

Kayte x

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I was browsing through Priceline on the weekend and noticed the range Beauty Essentials which is Priceline's home brand (so to speak).  I decided to pick up a mud mask for $4.99.

I have skin on the dryer side and the mask promises to "help repair the appearance of dry or damaged skin.  With it's anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties it is beneficial in promoting a healthy complexion and eliminating impurities."

Directions:  Spread a thin layer on clean and dry skin, avoiding the eye area.  Leave on for 10-15 minutes and rinse off with warm water.

The mask has a smooth creamy texture with a pale pink colour.  It spread on really easily and I definitely didn't need the whole amount I had squeezed out (below)

As soon as I put the mask on my skin started to tingle.... a lot.  I don't have particularly sensitive skin but I have had a couple of reactions in my lifetime so I do get a bit nervous.  I've had the tingling thing happen before during a facial and the therapist told me it was completely normal and it was the mask "doing it's thing".  I left this mask on for about 5 minutes which is as much as I could handle.  I rinsed it off with warm water and my skin felt better immediately.  I was imagining a red hot mess under the mask but it was actually fine.  I wouldn't recommend this mask for anyone with sensitive skin or if you hate that tingling feeling but if that's not you then this is a great value mask.  It's not amazing but my skin definitely felt a lot smoother and fresher afterwards (and that was only 5 minutes). 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

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