Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bellabox March 2013

I was super excited to arrive home this afternoon and find my Bellabox waiting for me.  Every other month I've been one of the last to receive the box and it's so hard to not sneak peak at blog reviews and instagram pics. I love surprises so I try really hard to not look.

The theme this month is Delicious Beauty and they've treated us to two colour products instead of one.

Here's what I got in this month's box

Six products in all and over all I have to say I'm a little underwhelmed.  

Simuolive Olive Hydrating Shower Gel - I'm excited about this because it's New Zealand made and so am I!! Always nice to see local products and it's a 50ml size which is a really great size for trying out a product.

Ocean Essence Body Milk in Coconut.  I picked this up and sighed as I thought "great another little moisturiser to add to the collection" and then I smelled the coconut and proceeded to lather it all on my arms haha.  It's definitely a milk and not a cream - very lightweight and smells divine. 

Really Bellabox? A protein bar?  Pretty random if you ask me and at 245 calories per bar I'd have to be doing a pretty hectic workout at the gym to warrant eating that many calories at once - especially for only 18g protein.  I do eat protein bars or shakes after workouts but this is a bit too high in sugar and calories to interest me.

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire EDT - This is a beautiful scent and I'm even thinking about buying it already, I've been looking for a new fragrance for awhile.  I'll be able to use this over the next few days and make a decision.

Yes to Carrots Lip Gloss - Playful Nude - I tried this on and it feels very soft and smooth on.  It has peppermint oil in it which gives a bit of tingle to your lips.  I'll definitely be throwing this in my handbag for use.

Designer Brands Lip Pencil - Nude - I've never tried Designer Brands before, something about their packaging just screams cheap and nasty to me.  This lip pencil has a sharpener built into the lid which is handy.

Well that's March's bellabox.  If you'd like to sign up you can go to and its $15 a month.  I think there's no doubt that the value of each box each month is over $15 but sooner or later you have to start considering wether it has that much value to you individually.  I'm starting to wonder.... How many samples of lipgloss, moisturiser, body wash can one accumulate.

Did you get this month's bellabox?  I'd love to know what you think.

Kayte x


  1. Gawd I hope I don't get the Yes to Carrots I just bought one from BB lol....

    I agree with you, how much lipgloss, moisturiser and body wash can they give you, I have a huge amount of samples to still get through.

    I probably won't get mine till next week, snail mail out here.

    Jac x0x

  2. The lipgloss is really nice though, I've just reapplied it and it feels really moisturising.
    Know what you mean about the snail mail - this is the first time I've received it this early - its annoying isn't it


  3. Oh dear, a protein bar?! Seriously!?!?
    The gloss does look nice though. I haven't tried Designer Brand for the same reason!

    1. Yeah the gloss is awesome - really hydrating!

      Thanks for your comment

  4. I love my Bellabox this month. Yes we get alot of lipgloss and moisturiser but us girls go through it like theres no tomorrow, well i do anyways :) :):). I was a bit confused about the protein bar lol but i will enjoy it after my workout. I got the Clinique lipstick in extreme pink, DB lip pencil, protein bar, ocean breeze shower gel and the Suigo shampoo and conditioner. I am very pleased this month :)

    1. Oooh I would've liked the clinique lipstick :) I am really enjoying the lipgloss I got though.

      Thanks for your comment

  5. Hi Kayte my name is Joe from Suigo Australia. I see your box did not contain our shampoo and conditioner ( I see your last follower Sheridan did I hope she likes it).
    I would love to send you a sample to try :)

  6. Thanks for your comment Joe. I can be contacted via my email address listed on my contact page. Cheers, Kayte

  7. I'm sharing the underwhelmed feeling over here. I've gotten the same back as you did (well it will be the same once they finally send out the missing yet to carrots lip gloss) I subscribe to both Bellababy and Bellabox and each month something is missing/or as in one case out of date. The jury is still out on whether or not I'm going to continue with them. As I'm on unpaid maternity leave I cant really justify the cash if i'm going to get mediocre things.


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