Monday, March 25, 2013

Lifestyle: Yankee Candles

I've been lusting after some Yankee Candles ever since I saw them at my sister-in-law's house.  In my opinion these candles are far superior to Dusk or Glasshouse candles.

Adelaide is lucky enough to have it's own Yankee Candle shop so off I went one sunny Saturday to check it out and here's what I got.

Yankee Candle - Vanilla Cupcake
The vanilla cupcake was the one I was most excited about and for that reason I bought the biggest one available.  I'd smelled it before and it's just divine.

It has two wicks and this 625g jar will give you up to 85 hours of fragrance. Impressive!

Yankee Candles - Strawberry Buttercream, Midsummers Night, Vanilla Satin

I got 6 sampler votives in all so I could try out a few different flavours/scents.  Pictured above is Strawberry Buttercream, Midsummers Night and Vanilla Satin.  Midsummers night actually has a men's fragrance in it which is really cool and different and the other two smell just how they sound.

Yankee Candles - True Rose, Pink Dragonfruit, Red Velvet

These three are True Rose, Pink Dragonfruit and Red Velvet.  True Rose smells like a bunch of red roses and is actually for my Mum (I hope she doesn't read this), Pink dragonfruit is a really sweet fruity scent and Red Velvet smells like I've been baking cupcakes all day.

You really have to smell these gorgeous candles to understand their amazing scents.  They fill the home instantly with their amazing scents and the scent really lingers even after you've blown the candle out.  I want to burn these candles every single day, breathing in their sweet relaxing aroma while curled up with a hot milo and a good book...  Dreams are free.

You can check out the (Adelaide) shop through facebook here

Kayte x


  1. I love Yankee candles!! When I went to England a few years ago my family came back with so many. There's only 1 shop that sells a small selection in Canberra unfortunately :( But my favourite scent so far has got to be Autumn Fruits.

  2. i love yankee candles! you should definitely check out 'garden hideaway' - it's my all-time favourite! 'sheer gardenia' is also so lovely :)

    sara x

  3. Ohhhh these look great. I've never used their candles before.


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