Friday, March 22, 2013

Review: Sanctuary Spa Warming Micro-Brasion Polish

On the hunt for a pick-me-up for my skin I picked up this polish from Priceline this week.

The Sanctuary Spa Warming Micro-Brasion Polish is designed to be an at home polish with results you would normally see after a professional facial.

What they say:
Our spa microdermabrasion combines intense warming to help open pores & stimulate circulation, while the ultrafine polish of marine earth & natural koalin help detoxify leaving skin feeling cleansed & refreshed.  Rich beeswax, jojoba & wheatgerm help hydrate and protect leaving skin feeling refined, smooth and looking more youthful.

Sanctuary Spa Warming Micro-brasion Polish

What I say:
The very first time I used this product I was super impressed.  The exfoliating beads in this are so tiny and it really does feel like it's polishing your skin and not scratching it or stripping it as some exfoliaters can do.  As soon as you start rubbing it onto your skin it instantly warms up which is a really peculiar feeling.  I used circular motions to rub it gently all over my face and washed off with warm water.

I have dry skin and often when I use exfoliators they make my skin feel so dry and tight.  This however, left my skin feeling smooth and hydrated.  Applying moisturiser afterwards was like a dream and my skin just seemed to soak it up.  I am really impressed with this product and I noticed an improvement in my skin from the first use - it was clearer and brighter!

I purchased this from Priceline for around $15 for 100ml.  I'd love to know if anyone has tried any other products in the range and what they think, I'm definitely keen to try some of their other products now.

Kayte x


  1. This looks great! I've recently gotten into their products. They're so great for an at home spa experience.

  2. Its amazing. Really thinking to try this as my skin really needs some therapy and heard amazing rewiews on their products and trying this will also amaze me.

  3. This looks great! I've recently gotten into their products gmail account login


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