Monday, March 4, 2013

Review: Sleek i-Divine Primer Palette

I recently purchased the Sleek i-Divine Primer Palette from Lipstick Republic (see here) and a couple of you asked for a review on it so here goes:

Sleek i-Divine Primer Palette Review
Sleep i-Divine Primer Palette

These eyeshadows are very creamy and as you can see from the swatches below they are also very pigmented.

Swatches of the Sleek i-Divine Primer Palette
Swatches of the Sleek i-Divine Primer Palette 

I absolutely love the colour selection in this palette, I would use every single of them.  The colours all have a shimmer to them but not in a huge way, the black is probably the least shimmery of them all.  These eyeshadows are called primers and are designed to be worn under powder eyeshadows.

The very first time I tried these on I put them on without a primer underneath and with no powder eyeshadow on top and I swear it had melted into my crease within about 2 minutes and I had to redo my whole eye makeup.  I was pretty annoyed and thinking they were just shit I put them away in a drawer.

I decided today to get it out again and have a play to see if I could make them work.  This time I applied my  Limecrime Eyeshadow Helper (review here) first, then using a synthetic eyeshadow brush I applied the sleek primers.  I used the white in the inner corner and the purple in the outer blending them together in the middle.  Then I used my BH cosmetics eyeshadow palette in the matching shades and patted the powder eyeshadow over top of the sleek primer and blended a little.  The trick is to take your time but don't play around with it too much once the primer is on and only pat the eyeshadow on.  As soon as you start touching it too much the primer underneath starts to move.

I find that they're not that long lasting - maybe 2-3 hours max so I wouldn't wear them for a big night out on the town or if you have planned a long day in the sun but for adding depth and colour for a romantic dinner date they'd be fine but to be honest this isn't a palette that I would highly recommend.

I purchased the Sleek Primer Palette for $14.99 from the Lipstick Republic website here who are just lovely.  They have quite a good range of the Sleek makeup so check them out, I've got my eye on a matte eyeshadow palette next.


  1. What a gorgeous palette, I need to try some sleek products

    A little bit Unique


    1. Thanks for your comment. Sleek's pretty good value, I just received a new matte palette in todays mail - can't wait to try it out :)

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