Saturday, April 6, 2013

ELF Goodies

I bought some elf products recently from their australian website and thought I'd share it with ya!  I ordered on the 22nd, received a shipping notification on the 25th and received it on the 27th which is around a 3 business day turn-around.  Good stuff!

elf mini-haul

1x e.l.f. Mineral foundation - Light  $4.99 
 1x e.l.f. Studio Matte Eyeshadow - Mint  $2.99
1x e.l.f. Essential Eyeliner Brush  $1.00
1x e.l.f. Mineral Moisturizing Lip Tint SPF 8 - Berry  $2.99
1x e.l.f. Studio Eyebrow Lifter & Filler - ivory/medium  $2.99
1x e.l.f. Essentials Concealer Brush  $1.00
1x e.l.f. Studio 2 in 1 Conditioning Gloss - Fanatic  $2.99
 1x e.l.f. Studio 2 in 1 Conditioning Gloss - Supermodel  $2.99

All this plus shipping cost me a little less than $30, some of them were on sale and I'm not sure if they are still available at that price.  Everything seems to be of a pretty decent quality and I'm excited to try everything properly and see how it goes. Let me know if you'd like to see a review of anything in particular.

Kayte x


  1. You got some great things. I love how inexpensive ELF is. I'd love to hear about the matte eyeshadow and the lipstick please :)

    1. It's great isnt it - so cheap! The liptint is my favourite thing out of them all. A really good dose of colour and really hydrating

  2. What a steal! Do review the shadow when you can - I've asked for an e.l.f. shadow palette for my birthday!
    My international giveaway

    1. Thanks, will try it out soon :) hope you get the palette x

  3. Lucky you!!! I have heard so many good things about e.l.f, wish there was a "brick and mortar" store though. That lip tint looks like a gorgeous colour, would be interested to know how you find it.
    Enjoy your weekend, Cheers

    1. Thanks for your comment, i would love it if there was a store as i probably wouldnt have bought the lipglossesnif i had tried them in-store (theyre not bad, just average). The liptint on the other hand is awesome, been wearing it heaps, great colour and feels so nice and soft x

  4. Wow! Elf cosmetics have really stepped up their game! The products look fantastic!

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  6. lucky!! would love to see a review on the lip glosses and eye shadow!


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