Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Makeup Storage

I've been searching for quite a while for something to store all my beauty products in.  I've seen the clear cube boxes but to be honest they're just not big enough for everything I have and they're pretty pricey too.  I love seeing how people set up their makeup areas and what they use to store it all in so I thought I'd share my new addition with you.
I ended up picking up this 10 drawer portable storage cart from Officeworks for $38.  It came as a flat pack but armed with the allen key and a whole lot of screws I managed to put it together all by myself. 
My 10 drawer Beauty Storage Cart
And a sneak peak into three of the drawers...


Powders, bronzers & blushers


Lips, lips and lips

I have used the ten drawers from top to bottom as follows

1.   Unused unopened makeup
2.   Unused unopened skincare
3.   Unused unopened body products
4.   Unused unopened hair products
5.   Lips, Lips Lips
6.   Eyes!! Liners, creams, primers
7.   Eyeshadows
8.   Palettes
9.   Powders, Bronzers, Blushers
10. Foundations

There are two awesome things that having an organised makeup space has done for me. 
1.  I can clearly see all my options when doing my makeup so am using lots of different things instead of the same everyday.
2. Keeping all my unopened things into the one place helps me to "shop my stash".  I have a lot of new makeup that hasn't been opened, some of which may feature in an upcoming giveaway so stay tuned.  No more buying double-ups for me!

I'd love to know how you store your makeup, feel free to link any posts below!

Kayte xx


  1. This looks great Kayte, I have something similiar but it's a double side by side and the drawers are deeper on one side.

    Jac x0x

  2. They look a bit wonky ;)

  3. Love the system and how the drawers are in different colour pairs. But is it taking up too much space by itself?
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