Friday, April 5, 2013

Recent Empties #2

I mentioned in my last Empties post how terrible I am at using products up so I've made an extra effort this month to use things up before opening up something new.

Here are the products I managed to finish and what I thought about them...

1.  Loreal Elvive Total Repair Instant Miracle - Miracle my ass... this product did nothing for my hair, it's not even as good as a normal Loreal conditioner which I've tended to like in the past.  To be honest there's still some left in the bottle but I'm done with it.

2.  Lux Exfoliating Body Wash - Shea Butter & Caramel.  This smells divine, is nice and creamy and has some exfoliating beads in it.  Loved it and will buy again.

3.  Imperial Leather Foaming Shower Gel - Coconut & Tiare Flower.  I actually finished this last month but forgot to add it in my last post.  I love that it comes foaming out of a can, it helps me not squeeze too much out.  It smells good but I didn't find it exceptionally moisturising, however I would still re-purchase.

4. DeLorenzo NovaFusion Shampoo in Fire Red.  This was my last bottle of this amazing shampoo.  It has kept my hair vibrantly red between colours and I absolutely recommend it if you have coloured your hair red.  I have decided to go back to my natural brunette for winter so watch this space.  If anyone has any tips for going from red back to brown I'd love to hear them :)

5.  Clarins Toning Lotion Alcohol Free with Camomile - I don't usually buy toner (mainly because I'm too lazy to use it) but this was on sale late last year and Clarins is a favourite of mine.  I do love this alcohol free toner, it refreshes my skin without drying it out.

6.  Dove Dry Repair Shampoo - Good shampoo - nothing too amazing to report

7.  Batiste Dry Shampoo - I have extremely dry ends but oily roots and this is my saviour.  I am never without this product and have many back-ups in the cupboard!

8.  Clarins Multi-active Day Cream - Another Clarins product that was bought in the same sale as the toner.  I love this day cream, it's designed to help balance your skin when going in and out of aircon and different temperatures.  It's lovely and hydrating while still being a very lightweight cream.

8.  Face of Australia Purifying Cleansing Wipes - I hardly ever use face wipes for their designated purpose as I find them too drying but I always keep them on hand for cleaning up spills and wiping makeup off the back of my hand when testing things out

Moisture Mist Dual Control Liquid Foundation in Ivory

9 & 10.  Moisture Mist Dual Control Liquid Foundation in Ivory - Okay I don't know why or how I managed to have two empties but I found them both nearly empty and finished them up.  As far as I know this foundation is only available in New Zealand (Moisture Mist is part of Shiseido) but it gives amazing full coverage and has a beautiful creamy consistency.   

I'm still on a mission to keep using products up and I'm trying not to buy new things until I've made a big dent in the box of brand new unopened products I seemed to have collected over the last few months.  Feel free to leave any comments or ask any questions - I love hearing from you.

Kayte x


  1. Some fantastic products you've polished off! I am terrible at using up products as well. I always get a great feeling of triumph when I finish something

  2. I adore that body wash! I used to buy it all the time until i overdosed on it :P Might need to get back into it for winter... mmm

    Kitsch Snitch


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