Monday, May 27, 2013

Last week I placed two orders; one with Lush and the other with Lipstick Republic.

Lipstick Republic

I recently purchased a Beauty Blender sponge from Lipstick Republic and kicked myself afterwards for not getting the pack with the cleanser in it as well.  I assumed I could just use my shampoo to clean it like I do with all my other brushes but it just didn't quite get all the foundation out.  I'll be reviewing this cleanser properly soon but let's just say its fantastic.

While I was browsing the site I also decided to pick up a Saucebox single eyeshadow in Caramella.  I'd heard people rave about their palettes but wanted to try the formula for myself and for only $6 it was a bargain.  I probably won't do a full review on this eyeshadow but I will say that is incredibly pigmented and soft with hardly any fall out.  Love it. 

The lovely Michelle from Lipstick Republic also threw in a couple of NYX eyeliners for me as a freebie so I was pretty happy about that.  As always the products were all packaged up in bubblewrap, black tissue paper with a gorgeous pink ribbon around it.  Customer service from Lipstick Republic is always amazing and is the main reason why I continue to shop there and not other places.  It's the little things that count.


I've only recently really started to get into Lush products.  Mainly because there was no Lush store when I lived in the Northern Territory.  There is only one Lush shop that I know of in South Australia and it's right in the city which can be a bit of a pain to get to so I placed my order online. 

I purchased the limited edition perfume - "Creamy Candy" a Dreamtime Bath Melt and a Bath Ballistic "Phoenix Rising".  The night I received this package I went straight home, drew a warm bath and popped in Pheonix Rising.  It's a beautiful dark purple colour and it probably smells divine.  The truth is I was so relaxed I can barely remember - I do know my skin felt moisturised after, so much so that I skipped putting on moisturiser!  I also had an amazing sleep. 

Creamy Candy is a limited edition perfume and smells incredibly sweet (obv) I love sweet perfumes but this one is going to take some time to get used to as it is quite strong and does last a long time on.  The bottle was a lot smaller than what I imagined for $30 I was imagining a 50ml bottle I guess but that's my fault for not looking.  This doesn't have a size on it but I would estimate it at around 25-30mls.

Overall I'm happy with my little Lush haul - the products all smell divine and are great for a treat at the end of a stressful cold winter's day!

What are your favourite Lush products?

Kayte xx

Friday, May 24, 2013

My Lipfactory beauty box was the last of the beauty boxes to arrive this month and arrived a lot later than last month.  From what I could see on the tracking advice it left America pretty quickly but took a long time after that to get to me.  I can only assume that this is due to Australia Post who quite frankly seem to do whatever they want whenever they want because they have no competition.  (rant over)

Anyhow here's what I got in this month's Lip Factory box all the way from 'merica!

Lip Factory May 2013

The theme this month was "Under the Veil" inspired by the wedding season (obviously in America not here in Oz).  The box contained 5 full size makeup products, a brush and one skincare sample which I think everyone will agree is fantastic. 

Lip Factory May 2013
 1.  Be a Bombshell Blush in "Beach Please" - a lovely pink colour which I think if you use a light hand will wear really nicely.  It doesn't swatch as bright as it looks! Can't wait to try this. 
2.  Studio 277 Lipgloss - a beautiful pinky nude colour that feels really lovely on the lips.
3.  NYX Color Lip Balm - this is my favourite product.  A lovely hydrating lipbalm with a hint of coral colour.
4.  NYX Round gloss - a pink sparkling gloss
5.  Studio 277 Cosmetics Eyelight Pigment - this is a stunning olive coloured loose dust/pigment
6.  Flat sponge blender brush - This doesn't have a brand on it and is a very strange looking brush.  I thought it was a typical foundation brush at first but it actually has a sponge head.  Interesting concept.
7.  Kukuki Nut Mineral Scrub - I love to try out different scrubs so this is a great sample

Bombshell Cosmetics Blush in "Beach Please"

NYX Lip Balm, NYX Lip Gloss, Studio 277 Lip Gloss

Studio 277 Eyelights Pigment

This beauty box comes from America and cost around $31 (depending on the exchange rate at the time) and you can check out last month's review here.  Following on from this month's Lust Have it box which was pretty dismal I have now unsubscribed from them as I find boxes like this one here are way better value for money.  Plus I get to try out brands that we've just never heard of in Australia or are hard to come by!

What do you think of the Lip Factory box or even the beauty boxes in general? 

Kayte xx

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I was pretty happy to receive my Lust Have It beauty box today after not receiving April's box till the very last day of the month.

This month's box has 5 items inside, 3 of which are full sized.  I have mixed feelings about this month's box but I know you all just really want to see what's inside:

Lust Have It - May 2013
Lust Have It Product Card May 2013

The Natural Source Camoflage Colour Lipgloss  "White Cherry" 
This is a clear shimmery gloss that is very thick and quite  sticky.  Maybe it's thickened up in the tube a bit coz its cold but I had to give it a good squeeze to get some out.  Doesn't appear to have any smell or flavour either. 

Camoflage Colours Lip Gloss in White Cherry

Seacret Buffing Block
Happy to receive this but I have to say that it's RRP of $30 is a rip off.  Surely a buffing block is a buffing block and I know you can get decent ones for a quarter of that price.  Also I'm pretty sure that Seacret is that annoying brand that has stalls in the middle of shopping centres that always try to put hand cream on you while you're busy trying not to look them in the eye as you walk past.... (or is that just me)

Seacret Buffing Block

Paula's Choice Clear Exfoliating Solution
I received a Paula's Choice product in my last box too but from what I can see this (like the last one) is suited for oily skin.  I have dry skin.  This is a brand that I've heard a lot about and wanted to try so a little disappointing to get something that I can't use.  That's always going to be the way though with boxes like this!

Paula's Choice Exfoliating Solution

Nude by Nature Papaw Ointment
Happy to receive a large 75gm tub of this - will keep it beside my bed for a lipbalm and cuticle treatment before I go to sleep I think.

Nude by Nature Papaw Ointment

Tigi Elasticate & Recharge Shampoo & Conditioner
4 sachets of two different types of shampoo and conditioner.  Personally I find sachets quite hard to use more than once as they always fall over in the shower (first world problems I know) but I'm still happy to give these a go.

Overall I have mixed feelings about this month's Lust Have It box - there's no doubt that it holds more value than the price I paid ($15) but they're putting (and already have for new subscribers) their prices up to $20 shortly and they're really not providing anything much more than Bellabox which is $15.  Probably won't use the Lipgloss and won't use the Paula's Choice solution but everything else I will definitely use and enjoy.

What do you think of this month's Lust Have It?  Are you a subscriber?  Did you get something different in your box?

Always love to hear your thoughts

Kayte xx

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Monday, May 20, 2013

I'm never one to turn down a sale and when I saw over on Bottled Beauty's blog that Chemist Warehouse were having 50% off Revlon, Rimmel and Maybelline I begun counting down the hours till I could escape from work and get there and find out what I wanted needed.  Since I'm sure a lot of you are as nosy as me I thought I'd share my little haul here with ya ;) 
Chemist Warehouse Haul
1.  Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation in 150 Buff
2.  Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
3.  Maybelline Color Tattoo x3 in Bad to the Bronze, Tough as Taupe and Edgy Emerald
4.  Maybelline Baby Lips - Pink Blast
5. Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner in Blackest Black
6.  Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Darling and Crush
Overall I was pretty happy with my haul, picked up a few trusty favourites as well as a few things I've been wanting to try for a little while and all at half price.  I'll also let you in on a little secret and tell you that a couple of things here will feature in an upcoming giveaway that I'm planning so watch this space :)
Did you pick up anything in the Chemist Warehouse 50% off sale?
Kayte xx

Friday, May 17, 2013

It's that time of the month again.  No... not THAT time.  Beauty Box time!  The Bellabox is my second box to arrive this month and boy was I excited about what was inside.  As soon as I got it in my hot little hands I could feel how heavy it was.  Once I unwrapped it to the actual box I could see that it was so full the box wasn't actually closed properly. 


The theme this month was Beauty SOS!

Bellabox May 2013

Here's what's inside:

May 2013 Bellabox

Lonvitalite C4 - Coconut Milk Hydrating & Nourishing Facial Mask: (1 mask)
This is a hydrating sheet mask that coming into Winter my skin will love!  I also love anything that says Coconut - I'm a sucker like that!

Suigo Absolute Volume Keratin Treatment (100ml)
I do already have one of these that I haven't tried yet but if all the reviews I've read are to be believed then this is a beautiful hair mask that I can't wait to use.

Bloom Shadow Liner - Emerald Green
A full sized makeup product will always win me over, especially from a company like Bloom.  This has a flat lead so you can use it as an eyeliner or eyeshadow and the colour looks awesome.

La Roche - Posay Effaclar Duo (sample)
Who would know how that lot is pronounced but apparently this is a cult product which removes oils and any blockages.  I have normal to dry skin but I may give this a try anyways.

La Roche - Posay Effaclar Foaming Gel (sample)
Again not for my skin type but I may try it out.

Manicare Duo Mascara Brushes (pack of 10)
I have a shit load of these from my makeup artist days but they'll come in handy someday.  They're also good for combing eyebrows and cleaning little finicky things around the house.

Sanctuary Spa Brightening Facial Illuminating Moisture Lotion SPF 15 - Full size
I've only tried one Sanctuary Spa product before but I loved it so I'm really excited to try this out.  Apparently it contains luminescent particles to give instant radiance which sounds a tad scary but we shall see.

Nanoblur (sample) 
This is a bonus 2ml sample which somehow blurs your skin and makes you look 10 years younger.  I hope to God I don't look like I did when I was 17 coz that wasn't my best year haha.  I have seen this product around and been interested to try it so very happy to have this sample in the box.

I've just done a quick calculation in my head and I figure the value of the box to be around $60.  Bellabox costs $15 a month which includes shipping so overall the value of the box is fantastic.  As with all beauty subscription boxes they can be hit and miss and you won't always get things that you love or are exactly right for you but that's part of the excitement and surprise of this type of thing.

If you want to find out more go to and don't forget to click below and "like" Imminent Beauty on facebook to keep updated on blog posts, beauty boxes and much more :)

Meanwhile I'm off to do some pampering. 

Kayte xx 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My May Her Fashion Box arrived in the post today.  It's always exciting to receive these subscription boxes each month and be surprised at what's inside. 

Here's what's inside this months box:

 Her Fashion Box - May 2013

Beauty Products
Batiste Dry Shampoo - Blush - This is a full sized product that I already use everyday.  Very happy to receive this as I always like to keep a backup.
Designer Brands Pore Minimiser - I'm not a fan of designer brands - their packaging just looks so cheap.  I don't really need my pores minimised either so I'll just keep this to giveaway to someone sometime.
Nail Polish - This is a lovely opaque looking purple colour that I am already planning to wear.  I'm not usually a fan of receiving nail polishes in these boxes but this is a good colour that I will wear.  It's also from a company I haven't heard of before which is what I like to see.

Beauty Products - Her Fashion Box May 2013

Lashes & Lash Glue - These lashes look awesome and I'm really keen to try them out.  It's been ages since I've worn fake lashes so I'm gonna give these a go.  I've already got that exact lash glue but it's old, so now that I have a replacement I'll chuck the old one out.

Lashes - Her Fashion Box May 2013

Now I must add a disclaimer here that I'm not really interested in the fashion side of the box.  I don't wear much jewellery as it is and I much prefer the beauty products over accessories.  What this means is that the fashion side of the box doesn't hold much value to me because in all honesty I probably won't wear them.  This month's box had 3 lots of accessories (4 if you include the bracelet for filling out the survey).

Accessories - Her Fashion Box - May 2013

Cuff - The cuff is growing on me.  Initially I didn't like it because it's gold and I never wear gold but I'm thinking I may actually attempt to wear this one day.  It is kinda cute.
Collar clips - This is a weird concept to me - you clip them onto the pointy bit of your collar on a shirt... Not sure if I'll wear these.
Necklace - The only thing I have to say about this necklace is that it feels really shitty.  It feels like those necklaces you buy from the $2 shop when you're going to a costume party and they normally break en-route anyway.  I will never wear this and I wouldn't even gift it to anyone.  It's going in the bin.
Bracelet - This was an extra accessory added as a thankyou for filling out the April survey.  It's very simple but feels a lot better quality than the others.  This is my favourite one out of them all.

Free gift for completing last month's survey

Overall I liked the box - there's a lot of good things in there and I understand why they're putting more accessories in their boxes now - they are after all supposed to be a fashion box.  I'd love to see them get rid of their tacky jewellery tho and put some different kind of accessories in there. I'm still not convinced it's worth the $40 pricetag but I'm staying subscribed for the moment.

My sister unsubscribed from Her Fashion Box today and I thought I'd add in an excerpt of the email reply she got from Kerry at Her Fashion Box:

"I completely understand that the quality of the accessory hasn't been as good as it could be and luckily this is something that we can and already have fixed for future boxes. We have really improved our sourcing and you'll see a collection of 2-3 great, premium quality accessories including beautiful feeling scarves, nicely made box clutches, beanies, genuine leather belts, jewellery that is MUCH better quality and more really cool pieces.

We're learning and growing and trying really hard to make Her Fashion Box a seriously awesome experience with unquestionable value every month! We want nothing more than happy customers! So do keep an eye on us as we evolve and improve on this journey (we are just two twenty-something female entrepreneurs behind this business and have big plans for the future) and we hope to see you back soon!"

I was really excited to read this - as mentioned above I'd much rather see different types of accesories and fashion items rather than tacky jewellery every time.  It sounds like Her Fashion Box are listening to their customers which is great.

Pretty happy with this month's box - but more excited to see what's going to come next month and whether they follow through with what they're saying.

What do you think of this months Her Fashion Box?

If you're interested in subscribing you can go here to find out more

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Monday, May 13, 2013

 I was so excited to receive a full size bottle of the Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam in Light/Medium in my April Her Fashion Box.  Buying Australian made products is important to me and Bondi Sands is a product not only designed by Australians but also made here on our very shores.

Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam Light/Medium
Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam in Light/Medium

I have very fair skin and I don't fake tan a lot but when I do my preferred option is always foam.  I've been using the same foaming fake tanner for the last couple of years and absolutely love it so was skeptical of finding something better.    After exfoliating in the shower and drying off completely I applied the self tanning foam onto the tanning mitt and began rubbing it onto both of my legs.   

Bondi Sands Self Tanning Mitt
Bondi Sands Self Tanning Mitt

The first thing I noticed was the smell.  It smells like coconuts.  Not coconuts mixed with fake tan either, actually just coconuts.  This is the first fake tan I've ever used that actually fulfills its promise not to smell like fake tan.  I'm in love already.  The second thing I noticed about this tan was the colour, not even a hint of orange is visible at any stage of the development of the tan.   I left the tan on for about 4 hours before washing it off in the shower and what I was left with was a lovely, absolutely natural, streak free,  light brown colour on my legs.  Because the colour is so natural looking, it'd be hard to tell that I was even wearing fake tan at all.  One coat of the tan lasted about 3-4 days and faded away instead of the awful patchiness you can get after a few days of other tans.

This product delivers on every single one of its promises and has replaced my trusty fake tan I've been using for the last 2 years.  I will definitely be repurchasing when I run out.  RRP $19.95 and $9.95 for the tanning mitt. 

Do you ever fake tan?  I'd love to know your favourite brand?

Kayte xx

Friday, May 10, 2013

 When Her Fashion Box asked me to review the new Redken Diamond Oil* I jumped at the chance.  It promised to "turn up the shine on dull damaged hair" at the same time as strengthening and protecting and all in a silicone free formula.  After my debacle with Morocannoil which made my hair feel wonderful for the first two months and then made it all break off due to being packed full of silicones I have been very cautious with putting oils into my hair.  Until now.

A picture of the Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine Intense Hair Product

As soon as I opened the package I was blown away by the bottle.  It's an absolutely stunning black glass bottle made to look like a diamond.  It has a metallic lid which unscrews to a glass medicine type dropper which gives a precise dosage with no wastage.  The oil has a very faint almost floral scent which fades quickly upon application.  My hair is to my shoulders and I dispense two drops into the palm of my hand and evenly distribute through the ends of the hair.  The shine is the first noticeable thing; the oil soaks straight into the hair and leaves a lovely natural shine without the greasy look. 
After two weeks of using this product I've noticed my hair is a lot healthier and the ends of my hair are not so dry.  I also used this product as an overnight treatment by soaking the ends of my hair with about 10-15 drops of oil and sleeping with it in and washing out in the morning which left my hair extremely soft and shiny.

Overall I'm very impressed with this product, the oil leaves my hair shiny and nourished and I know it is working from the inside out to repair my damaged ends.  

Have you tried any hair oils? I'd love to know your favourites?

Kayte xx 

* This product was provided to me for editorial consideration but my review and thoughts are my own and completely honest.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I've mentioned this foundation a couple of times now in my Favourites so its high time I reviewed this new-found product that I've been loving.  I received this full size foundation in my David Jones Sampler Tote earlier in the year and luckily it was a perfect colour match for me.  

Here's what David Jones has to say about it: 

- Perfects skin tone and texture leaving a dewy hydrated finish.
- Medium to full coverage with SPF 15
- Anti-oxidant vitamin E and SPF protects skin from environmental damage
- Vitamin A rich rosehip oil and collagen smoothes and softens
- Made in Australia
- 30ml

David Jones Cream Foundation - Fair

When I received this foundation I wasn't very hopeful that it would be any good.  I mean it's not like David Jones are known for their makeup creating skills - they are only a department store after all.  But I'm all for trying out new things so on it went. 

Even though its called a cream foundation it is in fact a liquid foundation and I wouldn't say it had a creamy consistency at all.  The colour I have is Fair and it's more of a yellow toned foundation which I prefer to use to balance out the pink in my skin. 

The first thing I loved about this foundation is that it was really easy to apply, it blends in really well and sits perfectly on the skin with the perfect balance between dewy and matte.  The coverage is medium and after applying the foundation with my Beauty Blender I set it with a small amount of powder. It feels really comfortable on the skin, doesn't stick to any dry patches and doesn't make me feel like I'm wearing a face mask (Revlon Colorsay and Estee Lauder Double Wear I'm looking at you).  I've been wearing this to work everyday and find it lasts the full day with a small amount of wear and shine on the usual suspects; my nose and forehead.  Two bonus points for me are that it's Made in Australia and it also has an SPF of 15 which isn't really high but is better than none at all.

Swatches of the David Jones Cream Foundation - Fair
David Jones Cream Foundation swatched/unblended on the back of my hand

My skin is normal to dry and my days of blemishes are thankfully over but if you had oilier skin and/or blemishes you would probably still need a concealer and maybe a heavier mattifying powder over this foundation.  Overall I have been pleasantly surprised by this foundation and it's been my go-to foundation for the last couple of months.  If I didn't have a heap of other foundations to get through I would definitely repurchase.

This foundation retails for $22.95 and can be bought in David Jones Stores in Australia or from their online store. 

Have you tried any products from the David Jones Beauty range before?

Kayte xx

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Well the title says it all really.

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I'll not only be posting links to my blog posts when they go live but also little tidbits along the way that I love and think you will too.

So what are you waiting for...

Also just wanted to say a big Thankyou to all my followers, I've only been blogging for 3 months but feel so overwhelmed by the support and love I've received from everyone :)

Kayte xx

Monday, May 6, 2013

I know, I know I'm a little late in posting my favourites this month but hey better late than never.  I really can't believe that its May already.  I've now been living in Adelaide for over 4 months and in my new job for nearly 3 months.  Crazy how times flies, I still feel so new in this place.

This month I reverted back to my natural brunette hair colour and got rid of the tired red hair.  This meant I got to mix up my makeup more and I've loved wearing brighter colours on my lips, especially pinks.

With no further ado, here's my Top 10:

April 2013 Top 10 Beauty Products

1.  MUA Mega Volume Mascara - this mascara is so cheap and gives amazing volume!  Have been using this one every day
2.  Babylips Color in Pink Lolita - a hydrating lip balm with a dash of pink colour.
3.  The Balm Shady Lady in "Just this once Jamie" - I featured this in last month's favourites posts too but it really is a constant favourite.  This has amazing pigmentation and lasts really well. 
4. elf Complete Coverage Concealer - I found this hiding in the back of my drawer.  I've been using the lighter yellow based colour to hide dark circles under my eyes.  It blends in really easily and applied over foundation and under powder, lasts all day.
5.  David Jones Cream Foundation - I got this in my David Jones Sampler Tote earlier in the year and I've been loving it.  I'll be doing a full review of this soon.
6.  Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain in "Darling" - I love love love the formula of these lipstains and this is by far my favourite colour!
7.  Beauty Blender - Totally obsessed with this little pink sponge - Full review here
8. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics - Loose Colour Concentrate in Platonic - I got this from Lipstick Republic and have been using this as a highlight to lighten a smokier eye for day wear.  I love the colour and shimmer of this loose pigment.  Beautiful.

April 2013 Top Ten Beauty Products - Makeup

9.  Al'chemy Ylang Ylang Colour Care Shampoo - This is a wonderfully gentle Shampoo that leaves my hair feeling so light and clean without feeling dry. 
10.  Lux Fine Fragrance Body Wash in Secret Bliss - I've been a fan of these Lux Body Washes for awhile but the scent in this particular body wash is divine! It's beautifully hydrating and the scent triggers something in my memory that I can't quite put my finger on.  Not sure if this is a limited edition scent but I'll be buying a couple of bottles of these next time I see them just in case.

April 2013 Top Ten Beauty Products

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Kayte xx

Friday, May 3, 2013

As mentioned in my previous empties post I've been trying really hard to use up some of the samples from my overflowing samples box.

Here's what I used:

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque - This actually cost me around $3 I think from Price Attack or somewhere similar.  I got about 4 uses out of it so it was good value.  It was a good hair mask and did make my hair feel good, but not enough to buy any more.
Bioderma Atoderm Nourishing Creme - A lovely creamy body moisturiser.  I got one use out of this and liked it.  Nothing amazing though, maybe I'm hard to please ha!
Clarins High Definition Body Lift - One of those creams to make your cellulite disappear but obviously not enough in this small sample to see any results.  I applied it every day to my things and it gives a lovely cool tingly sensation.
Appelles Skin Booster Skin Lotion - a body moisturiser I got last year sometime from one of the beauty boxes.  Very lightweight lotion but feels and smells nice.
Olive Shower Gel - Now this product is goooood!  It so so creamy and moisturising.  Another one from a beauty box.  I haven't seen this in any shops but if I do I will buy it straight away.
Morrisey Body Balm - smelled funky - like mandarins or something but not in a good way
Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi Usage Dry Oil - a little sample bottle that lasted me nearly a month.  This is an amazing oil for your face - love love love it but apparently so does the rest of the world and they sell a bottle every few seconds or something ridiculous like that.
Coconut Body Milk - Gosh I'm glad I like coconut coz an awful lot of samples are coconut scented! Another body lotion which was lovely!

Do you find it hard to use up your samples too or is it just me?

Kayte xx