Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Her Fashion Box May 2013 - Feminine

My May Her Fashion Box arrived in the post today.  It's always exciting to receive these subscription boxes each month and be surprised at what's inside. 

Here's what's inside this months box:

 Her Fashion Box - May 2013

Beauty Products
Batiste Dry Shampoo - Blush - This is a full sized product that I already use everyday.  Very happy to receive this as I always like to keep a backup.
Designer Brands Pore Minimiser - I'm not a fan of designer brands - their packaging just looks so cheap.  I don't really need my pores minimised either so I'll just keep this to giveaway to someone sometime.
Nail Polish - This is a lovely opaque looking purple colour that I am already planning to wear.  I'm not usually a fan of receiving nail polishes in these boxes but this is a good colour that I will wear.  It's also from a company I haven't heard of before which is what I like to see.

Beauty Products - Her Fashion Box May 2013

Lashes & Lash Glue - These lashes look awesome and I'm really keen to try them out.  It's been ages since I've worn fake lashes so I'm gonna give these a go.  I've already got that exact lash glue but it's old, so now that I have a replacement I'll chuck the old one out.

Lashes - Her Fashion Box May 2013

Now I must add a disclaimer here that I'm not really interested in the fashion side of the box.  I don't wear much jewellery as it is and I much prefer the beauty products over accessories.  What this means is that the fashion side of the box doesn't hold much value to me because in all honesty I probably won't wear them.  This month's box had 3 lots of accessories (4 if you include the bracelet for filling out the survey).

Accessories - Her Fashion Box - May 2013

Cuff - The cuff is growing on me.  Initially I didn't like it because it's gold and I never wear gold but I'm thinking I may actually attempt to wear this one day.  It is kinda cute.
Collar clips - This is a weird concept to me - you clip them onto the pointy bit of your collar on a shirt... Not sure if I'll wear these.
Necklace - The only thing I have to say about this necklace is that it feels really shitty.  It feels like those necklaces you buy from the $2 shop when you're going to a costume party and they normally break en-route anyway.  I will never wear this and I wouldn't even gift it to anyone.  It's going in the bin.
Bracelet - This was an extra accessory added as a thankyou for filling out the April survey.  It's very simple but feels a lot better quality than the others.  This is my favourite one out of them all.

Free gift for completing last month's survey

Overall I liked the box - there's a lot of good things in there and I understand why they're putting more accessories in their boxes now - they are after all supposed to be a fashion box.  I'd love to see them get rid of their tacky jewellery tho and put some different kind of accessories in there. I'm still not convinced it's worth the $40 pricetag but I'm staying subscribed for the moment.

My sister unsubscribed from Her Fashion Box today and I thought I'd add in an excerpt of the email reply she got from Kerry at Her Fashion Box:

"I completely understand that the quality of the accessory hasn't been as good as it could be and luckily this is something that we can and already have fixed for future boxes. We have really improved our sourcing and you'll see a collection of 2-3 great, premium quality accessories including beautiful feeling scarves, nicely made box clutches, beanies, genuine leather belts, jewellery that is MUCH better quality and more really cool pieces.

We're learning and growing and trying really hard to make Her Fashion Box a seriously awesome experience with unquestionable value every month! We want nothing more than happy customers! So do keep an eye on us as we evolve and improve on this journey (we are just two twenty-something female entrepreneurs behind this business and have big plans for the future) and we hope to see you back soon!"

I was really excited to read this - as mentioned above I'd much rather see different types of accesories and fashion items rather than tacky jewellery every time.  It sounds like Her Fashion Box are listening to their customers which is great.

Pretty happy with this month's box - but more excited to see what's going to come next month and whether they follow through with what they're saying.

What do you think of this months Her Fashion Box?

If you're interested in subscribing you can go here www.herfashionbox.com.au to find out more

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  1. Very exciting box! Love the look of those collar clips. And is the primer silicone-y?

    1. I'm not sure about the primer as I'm not going to open it - I would imagine that it is silicone-y if it's like similar products

      Kayte xx

  2. I unsubscribed too. I am just not into accessories and would much prefer to see more cosmetics and high end products for $40. They just seem to be providing the same kind of things as the other boxes but for more money. Also what happened to all the offers and discount cards they promised?

    If they give more value for money I might come back :)

    Jac x0x

    1. I hear ya Jac - I'm only staying subscribed on the promise that they deliver better. I expected more high end beauty products too rather than Designer Brands and Modelco. Next month will be the decider for me!
      The lipfactory box still has the best value for me out of them all :)

      Kayte xx

    2. Can't beat lipfactory :) Should be here soon xx

  3. I'm disappointed and have decided to unsubscribe too. I thought the jewellery was really cheap. My necklace actually arrived broken. I'd never wear any of these jewellery items. I was expecting more high quality products for the price tag. I'll stick with my Lust Have it Box for $15 a month.


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