Friday, May 24, 2013

International Beauty Box: Lip Factory May 2013

My Lipfactory beauty box was the last of the beauty boxes to arrive this month and arrived a lot later than last month.  From what I could see on the tracking advice it left America pretty quickly but took a long time after that to get to me.  I can only assume that this is due to Australia Post who quite frankly seem to do whatever they want whenever they want because they have no competition.  (rant over)

Anyhow here's what I got in this month's Lip Factory box all the way from 'merica!

Lip Factory May 2013

The theme this month was "Under the Veil" inspired by the wedding season (obviously in America not here in Oz).  The box contained 5 full size makeup products, a brush and one skincare sample which I think everyone will agree is fantastic. 

Lip Factory May 2013
 1.  Be a Bombshell Blush in "Beach Please" - a lovely pink colour which I think if you use a light hand will wear really nicely.  It doesn't swatch as bright as it looks! Can't wait to try this. 
2.  Studio 277 Lipgloss - a beautiful pinky nude colour that feels really lovely on the lips.
3.  NYX Color Lip Balm - this is my favourite product.  A lovely hydrating lipbalm with a hint of coral colour.
4.  NYX Round gloss - a pink sparkling gloss
5.  Studio 277 Cosmetics Eyelight Pigment - this is a stunning olive coloured loose dust/pigment
6.  Flat sponge blender brush - This doesn't have a brand on it and is a very strange looking brush.  I thought it was a typical foundation brush at first but it actually has a sponge head.  Interesting concept.
7.  Kukuki Nut Mineral Scrub - I love to try out different scrubs so this is a great sample

Bombshell Cosmetics Blush in "Beach Please"

NYX Lip Balm, NYX Lip Gloss, Studio 277 Lip Gloss

Studio 277 Eyelights Pigment

This beauty box comes from America and cost around $31 (depending on the exchange rate at the time) and you can check out last month's review here.  Following on from this month's Lust Have it box which was pretty dismal I have now unsubscribed from them as I find boxes like this one here are way better value for money.  Plus I get to try out brands that we've just never heard of in Australia or are hard to come by!

What do you think of the Lip Factory box or even the beauty boxes in general? 

Kayte xx

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  1. Looks like a great box, I still haven't received mine. I do believe they were a little late sending them out this month as I read some US blogs saying they were late too.

    I love this box, can't wait to get mine, in bed with the flu and after that dismal LHI box I could do with some cheering up.

    Jac x0x

    1. Aww Jac you poor thing - hope you get better really quick!

  2. Wow you are lucky getting so many beauty boxes! I was interested in this one as I'd never heard of the Lip Factory box before. That blush looks full on but I'd like to try it too :)

  3. i love the box ,I'm awaiting mine to reach the uk,i buying boxes around the world as like you the boxes in my country are getting truly shocking and would rather spend extra and try better boxes with different products.


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