Friday, May 3, 2013

Recent Empties: Samples Edition

As mentioned in my previous empties post I've been trying really hard to use up some of the samples from my overflowing samples box.

Here's what I used:

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque - This actually cost me around $3 I think from Price Attack or somewhere similar.  I got about 4 uses out of it so it was good value.  It was a good hair mask and did make my hair feel good, but not enough to buy any more.
Bioderma Atoderm Nourishing Creme - A lovely creamy body moisturiser.  I got one use out of this and liked it.  Nothing amazing though, maybe I'm hard to please ha!
Clarins High Definition Body Lift - One of those creams to make your cellulite disappear but obviously not enough in this small sample to see any results.  I applied it every day to my things and it gives a lovely cool tingly sensation.
Appelles Skin Booster Skin Lotion - a body moisturiser I got last year sometime from one of the beauty boxes.  Very lightweight lotion but feels and smells nice.
Olive Shower Gel - Now this product is goooood!  It so so creamy and moisturising.  Another one from a beauty box.  I haven't seen this in any shops but if I do I will buy it straight away.
Morrisey Body Balm - smelled funky - like mandarins or something but not in a good way
Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi Usage Dry Oil - a little sample bottle that lasted me nearly a month.  This is an amazing oil for your face - love love love it but apparently so does the rest of the world and they sell a bottle every few seconds or something ridiculous like that.
Coconut Body Milk - Gosh I'm glad I like coconut coz an awful lot of samples are coconut scented! Another body lotion which was lovely!

Do you find it hard to use up your samples too or is it just me?

Kayte xx


  1. I've been struggling to use up my samples as well! Well samples + full size products. I've been using a sample of foundation from one of the BB boxes for the last month and there's still plenty of product left!

    But good on you for finishing all these products :)

  2. I have a box full of samples I haven't used up yet. Every now and then I go through them I say I must try these and then promptly forget lol....

    I like the Macadamia Mask but don't find that it is hydrating enough for my hair, I wonder if it would work better if used in conjunction the the Macadamia oil? I have been using it followed by Nuxe oil and it works pretty good.

    Jac x0x


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