Monday, May 27, 2013

Treats from Lush & Lipstick Republic

Last week I placed two orders; one with Lush and the other with Lipstick Republic.

Lipstick Republic

I recently purchased a Beauty Blender sponge from Lipstick Republic and kicked myself afterwards for not getting the pack with the cleanser in it as well.  I assumed I could just use my shampoo to clean it like I do with all my other brushes but it just didn't quite get all the foundation out.  I'll be reviewing this cleanser properly soon but let's just say its fantastic.

While I was browsing the site I also decided to pick up a Saucebox single eyeshadow in Caramella.  I'd heard people rave about their palettes but wanted to try the formula for myself and for only $6 it was a bargain.  I probably won't do a full review on this eyeshadow but I will say that is incredibly pigmented and soft with hardly any fall out.  Love it. 

The lovely Michelle from Lipstick Republic also threw in a couple of NYX eyeliners for me as a freebie so I was pretty happy about that.  As always the products were all packaged up in bubblewrap, black tissue paper with a gorgeous pink ribbon around it.  Customer service from Lipstick Republic is always amazing and is the main reason why I continue to shop there and not other places.  It's the little things that count.


I've only recently really started to get into Lush products.  Mainly because there was no Lush store when I lived in the Northern Territory.  There is only one Lush shop that I know of in South Australia and it's right in the city which can be a bit of a pain to get to so I placed my order online. 

I purchased the limited edition perfume - "Creamy Candy" a Dreamtime Bath Melt and a Bath Ballistic "Phoenix Rising".  The night I received this package I went straight home, drew a warm bath and popped in Pheonix Rising.  It's a beautiful dark purple colour and it probably smells divine.  The truth is I was so relaxed I can barely remember - I do know my skin felt moisturised after, so much so that I skipped putting on moisturiser!  I also had an amazing sleep. 

Creamy Candy is a limited edition perfume and smells incredibly sweet (obv) I love sweet perfumes but this one is going to take some time to get used to as it is quite strong and does last a long time on.  The bottle was a lot smaller than what I imagined for $30 I was imagining a 50ml bottle I guess but that's my fault for not looking.  This doesn't have a size on it but I would estimate it at around 25-30mls.

Overall I'm happy with my little Lush haul - the products all smell divine and are great for a treat at the end of a stressful cold winter's day!

What are your favourite Lush products?

Kayte xx


  1. I need Phoenix Rising, it sounds divine. I've never tried the Lush perfumes, though I keep seeing them all the time. Is it an EDP or an EDT?

    1. I can't see that it specifies but the scent lasts a good 8 hours so I would say it must be an EDP!! I've got used to the scent now and I'm loving it :)

      Kayte xx

    2. By the way, I bought the Blender after reading your review - here's my review (you're credited for inspiration!)

  2. Omg I am in exactly the same position. I used my brand new Beauty Blender for the first time today, then didn't know how to wash it. I tried the hand wash soap I use for my brushes, but it didn't really work. Can't wait for your review of blender cleanser. I will check the Lipstick Republic site for it. I haven't bought from there before.


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