Saturday, June 29, 2013

It's a beautiful day here in Adelaide; the sun is shining and it's not too cold.  The day has been made even better because I get to draw the winner of my competition to win an India Haircare Pack from I.C.O.N

And the winner is.... Cathy Woods.

Congrats Cathy, I've sent you through an email so please get back to me so we can arrange to have your prize sent to you.

Thanks everyone for all your support of my blog and for all the entries into the giveaway.

Enjoy your weekend

Kayte xx

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The last of this month's beauty boxes arrived yesterday with this special parcel direct from America.  The Lip Factory box is one of my favourites because it's always full of full-sized makeup products from brands that I either haven't heard of or haven't tried. 

Because it's now Summer in America the theme of the box was all about going on a summer vacation but to be honest I can't see how the products match the theme.

This month's box included 5 full sized makeup products, one skincare sample and one nailpolish.

Lipfactory Beauty Box - June 2013
 1.  Befine Exfoliating Cleanser
This is a natural paraben free exfoliating cleanser with Brown Sugar, Sweet Almond & Oats.  It's in a sachet which can be quite annoying to use but it's a pretty decent size.  I'll probably take this away with me for a long weekend away I've got coming up in July.

2.  Manic Panic Raven Mascara
I have never heard of this brand before but being cruelty free and vegan is always a win.  The colour is Black and it has a lovely thick brush which I look forward to trying out.

3. Essence Volumizing Lash Powder
Now this is a very interesting product.  We have Essence here in Australia but I haven't seen this particular one before.  Inside this pot is a fibre substance which looks like the stuffings of a pillow.  From what I can work out you apply this with the lash applicator directly after one coat of mascara and then add another coat of mascara on top to seal it.  I've had products before that add fibre to the lash to give you a "lash extension" type look but this is a very interesting concept.

4.  Manic Panic High Voltage Lip Gloss
Another product from the Manic Panic range.  I took one look at this deep red lipgloss before declaring "yuk" but when I opened it and applied it it's actually really beautiful.  I applied a light coat and it's given my lips the perfect amount of colour without looking garish.  It's easy to apply a heavier coat to get a much brighter and redder result.  It's not at all sticky and feels very hydrating on my lips.  It's also one of those fancy lipglosses that has a mirror and lights that glow when you open it up.

5.  29 Cosmetics Lipstick
This is a pure red lipstick that looks beautiful but I'm pretty sure I won't be wearing any time soon as I'm still a newbie to the bright lipstick fad :)

6. Colour U Loose Eyeshadow in Caribbean Sea
A stunning turquoise loose eye dust.  Love love love this colour and have something similar in the Napoleon Perdis Loose Dusts.

7.  Londontown Lakur Nailpolish
A very pale pink nail polish.  I have shellac on my nails at the moment so there will be no swatching of this but I'll keep it in my stash for a later date.

This box costs around $32AUD including shipping to Australia and in my opinion is the best value beauty box available to Australians - especially if you're starting to get over-run with skincare samples from other boxes like I am.

What doyou think of this box?  Do you think it's better than the Australian beauty boxes on offer?

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Kayte xx

My Her Fashion Box arrived a little later than usual this month due to HFB holding back on sending them out so they could put in another item in.

Once again I'm pretty impressed with this box.  This month I received 3 fashion items and 4 beauty products and I'm happy to report there were no necklaces this time (well not in the actual box but read on for more info on that).  I've got a bit of a collection now of fashion necklaces from previous boxes that I just know I will never wear so I wasn't keen on getting another one.

Once again the box included a glossy A5 magazine which details all the products as well as tips on how to use/wear them.

Her Fashion Box - June 2013

And here's what was inside:

Her Fashion Box June 2013 - Feminine

1. Scarf RRP$29.95
This scarf is a beautiful deep blue and pink and is something i will definitely be wearing.  It's also a really decent size so very impressed with this.

2.  Bracelet RRP$24.95
This is a pink and gold wrap leather bracelet.  I have no idea how to tell if something is real leather or not so I guess I'll be taking their word for it.  I'm not sure that I'll wear this as I'm not much of a gold wearer.

3.  Belt RRP$34.95
Another item that says its leather.  All the fashion items are HFB's own label so there is no way of knowing how or where it was made.  I also don't agree with the RRP.  I honestly don't think that anyone would pay nearly $35 for this belt but I'm not a belt wearer so I could be wrong.

Her Fashion Box June 2013 - Beauty Products

4. Revitanail Conditioning Remover Wipes RRP$5.95
I've been a huge fan of the Revitanail treatment polish for a long time so it's great to try something else from the brand.  These will be super handy to carry around in my handbag or take when travelling.  There are 30 wipes held in a little black tub.

5.  Redken Control Addict 28 High Control Hairspray 60g Value $9.95
A nice little trial sized hairspray.  Again I'm a fan of Redken and it'll be nice to try something else from the brand.

6. Dr Lewinns Sensitive Cleansing Milk 30ml Value $4.50
I haven't tried Dr Lewinns products before but I've seen a lot of good reviews for the brand.  I look forward to trying out this cleansing milk - it sounds lovely for dehydrated winter skin.

7.  Dr Lewinns Anti-aging Primer 20ml Value $20
I can't tell if this is silicone based or not but I just tried some on the back of my hand and it feels beautiful. I look forward to trying this under my makeup.

Also included in the box was a hallmark card and a plain silver choker style necklace which was included as a thankyou for completing last month's survey.

Overall and once again I'm hugely impressed with the box.  I will be using all of the beauty products and although I probably won't use the belt or bracelet I will be making up for that with all the use I know I will get from the beautiful scarf.

I'd love to know what you thought of this months box and while you're here don't forget to head over and enter my giveaway to win an amazing haircare pack - it ends on Friday so you better be quick.

Kayte xx

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Last month after all the beauty boxes had been received and reviewed I made the decision to unsubscribe to Lusthaveit.  I didn't do this because Lusthaveit aren't good - just that the other boxes are better and with their recent price hike I just couldn't justify it anymore.  Sooner or later you just have to ask yourself if that $20 a month is actually providing value to you.  Or could you take that $20 a month and buy the one thing that you may have liked out of that box or even save it up for 3 months and buy an awesome $60 product that you really do want.

But now that's enough deep and meaningful thoughts for the day let's get on to the exciting stuff!!

I'm most excited to bring you this month's bellabox because quite frankly - its awesome.  There are 3 full sized products, one tool and 10 - yes TEN - samples.

The theme this month is 'Girls Night in / Girls Night Out"

June Bellabox - Girls Night in.... Girls Night out
 and here's what was inside:

June Bellabox

Streetgloss Lipgloss - Ultra Diamonds Volume Lipgloss
Full size RRP$17.95 / Transparent Pale Pink (102)
I've never heard of this brand but this is a really cute pale pink shimmery lipgloss and as the theme suggests would be really great for a night out.  I really like getting things in these boxes from brands I haven't heard of before.  I tried this on as soon as I got it and it's not sticky at all and an added bonus is that it smells lovely and sweet

Emerginc Samples 2x 3ml 
Hyper Vitalizer Cream & Vitamin C & Retinol Mask
These retail at between $65 & $99 dollars for full size so I'll be interested to try these both out and see if they're worth it.  I do recall receiving a sample from this brand in a previous beauty box.

Sigma Beauty E05 Eyeliner Brush RRP$10
My eyes just about popped out of my head when I saw a Sigma brush inside my box.  I only have two Sigma brushes so far but they are amazing so I'm very excited to add another one to my collection - especially since it's in my favourite colour too.

Sigma EO5 Eyeliner Brush

Toni & Guy Creative Texturising Glue
Full size 100ml RRP$15.99
I like Toni & Guy products and was happy to see this full size product in there.  To be honest I probably won't get a lot of use out of it although it'll be handy to have around.  Pretty sure my lovely boyfriend's going to be getting this one.

Montagne Jeunesse Passion Peel Off Mask
Half-size - a full size retails at $3.99
I love doing face masks in winter when my skin needs all the help it can get.  Will definitely be using this up.

Brazilian Butterfly Assortment 
7x 5ml samples
It was awesome to receive 7 samples so that I could try out so much of their range.  I'm not usually a fan of sachets but these will be perfect to pack the next time I go away for a night.  There's even a sample of an ingrown hair treatment in there.

7x Brazilian Butterfly Samples

Bonus Product: Natio Nail Polish
Fullsize RRP$9.95 in Valentine
A full size bottle of red nail polish.  I don't think I've ever tried to pull off red nail polish nor will I be trying any time soon but I'm sure it won't be hard to find somebody to give it too.  Bellabox is also giving the opportunity to upload a picture of yourself wearing this nailpolish to go in the draw to win one of 3 Canix Black Diamond Ring's valued at $500 which is pretty awesome.

Overall I am extremely happy with this beauty box.  There's something in there that everyone can enjoy and at only $15 I don't think anyone would argue that this is fantastic value.  Bellabox is now the cheapest Australian beauty subscription box but in my opinion holds the most value.  If you want to sign up head to their website here.

Don't forget to head over and check out my giveaway - click here to enter.  You could win a fabulous haircare gift pack but get in quick because it ends next week :)

What did you think of this month's bellabox?  Are you getting tired of beauty box subscriptions yet?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A couple of weeks ago I ventured into the city to shop the mid year clothing sales.  Although I had convinced myself before I left the house that there were no necessary makeup purchases needed, I somehow found myself in front of the Benefit counter in Myer.  I told the lady I was "just looking" and 5 minutes later I walked out of the doors with this little beauty. 

Wow that sounds like I stole it, Ha! I didn't, promise :)

As soon as I started swatching it and saw the colours, the only thing I had to do was decide which palette to get.  There is a collection of three palettes and they are all stunning.  I settled on this one:

Front of Box

Back of Box

As you can see the box contains four eyeshadows and two creaseless cream shadows.  This is my second Benefit palette so I already knew that the quality was going to be fantastic and I wasn't disappointed.  The Creaseless Cream Shadows are so soft, are easily applied and once they're on - they're staying on!  They can be worn alone quite easily or you can use the powder eyeshadows over top to create different looks.

Benefit Palette - World Famous Neutrals - Sexiest Nudes Ever

Swatches L-R: Bikini Tini, Holy Smokes, Milk It, Pause for Applause, Raincheck? Blingo!

The Sexiest Nudes Ever palette includes two contrasting cream shadows, Bikini-tini (a pale champagne) and Holy Smokes! (a charcoal grey) as well as Milk It! (a satin white), Raincheck? (a satin plum), Pause for Applause (a matte, pale rose) and Blingo! (a shimmery, icy blue) Longwear Powder Eyeshadows. - See more at:

As you can see from the swatches Bikini-Tini, Milk It and Blingo are all very shimmery shades.  Milk It is perfect for an all over base or as a highlighter just under the brow, it's shimmery but not over the top!  Blingo is a shimmery silver that looked a little scary to me at the start but you only need a tiny bit to make an impact - I've been using a tiny dot of this in the inner corner of my eye and it looks superb! Holy smokes is a deep charcoal colour that creates a perfect night-time look but can also be brightened with the other colours to make it wearable in the day time. Pause for applause is a matte rosy pink and Raincheck a satin plum colour.  Bikini-tini is the perfect base colour for any look and I just know I'm going to get a lot of use out of this colour - it's my favourite out of them all.

I have been using the "Sexiest Nudes Ever" palette every day since I got it and there are just so many combinations of looks you can do from day to night.  The pigmentation and lasting power of these eye-shadows are fantastic and it's all housed in a perfect travel friendly case. 

The palette costs $44(AUD) which in my opinion is fantastic value!

What do you think of Benefit Cosmetics? Do you have a favourite Benefit product?

Kayte xx

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

You may remember that a little while ago I purchased a little pink sponge called the Beauty Blender.  I raved on about it, how fantastic it was and how my foundation application completely changed - if you missed it or just want to re-live that you can read about it here.

The one problem that I had is no matter what I tried to clean it with I was left with foundation stains on it.  I do recall when I was purchasing the beauty blender I could've picked up a pack that had a cleanser with it but I thought to myself "bah I don't need that - I'll just use shampoo, works fine for my brushes".  Well I was wrong.

I contacted Lipstick Republic to see if they could find me the cleanser to buy individually and after a couple of weeks it was available for sale on their website.  As soon as I received it I went straight to my little pink sponge and got cleaning.  And when I say got cleaning I really just mean i poured some cleanser on, lathered it up, rinsed it out and Bam the dirt is gone!  Yes it really was that easy, there was no arm work involved in trying to coax that last little bit of foundation out - it just cleaned right out.

The bottle has a flip top lid but the plastic is not very easy to squeeze which is the only fault I've found with the product.  Instead I just unscrew the whole lid and pour a little out onto the sponge.  It pours really easily and you only need a small amount as it lathers up quite well.

Take a look at the photos below to see my dirty Beauty Blender first cleaned with shampoo and then secondly cleaned with the Beauty Blender Cleanser.  Some of you may not mind having stains on your Beauty Blender, it's not like it's not clean, but I can be a little OCD when it comes to things like this and I love seeing that it's completely clean and looking brand new again.

After washing with normal shampoo - still marks left

Completely clean after being washed with Beauty Blender Cleanser

The photos speak for themselves really.  This is a fantastic cleanser that can not only be used on your Beauty Blender sponge but also on the rest of your brushes!  I picked up a 180ml bottle for $17.95 but there is also a smaller 90ml bottle for $9.95 and both can be purchased at

Don't forget to check out my giveaway to be in to win a haircare pack from Salon Cosmetics.

Kayte xx

Note to self: Keep Beauty Blender sponge away from 3 month old kittens.  Turns out Lucy loves her some pink too :/

Monday, June 10, 2013

A little while ago I was given the opportunity to trial a new haircare range from I.C.O.N called India*.  I'm always excited to try out new brands and this is an American founded brand that is now being stocked at Salon Cosmetics in Australia.  The range boasts celebrity clients such as Penelope Cruz, Avril Lavigne and Lita Ford, and hey if it's good enough for Penelope Cruz its good enough for me ha!

I received a trial size pack with Shampoo, Conditioner, Healing Spray and Oil.  The Shampoo and Conditioner have done amazing things to my fine, dull hair.  After the first wash I was impressed how clean my hair felt while still feeling full of moisture.  There's nothing worse than using a heavy duty conditioner to find it has weighed down your hair once it's dry!!  I'm yet to try the other two products but I'm sure these will feature again in my blog - whether a full review or in my empties with a mini-review!

One thing I can't not tell you about is the scent.  It is scented with Amber and when I first opened the package, the scent was the first thing to hit me!  It is a very strong musky, oriental scent that I first thought would be overpowering.  I'm glad to report it is not.  It fades to a gentle spicy scent which you can still catch wafts of through the day.  The INDIA range uses the restorative oil of Moringa as well as the more famous Argan oil to nourish and add strength to hair.  The range is a sulfate, gluten and paraben free brand suitable for vegans.

Ingredients of Shampoo & Conditioner.

If you want soft silky hair like this range has given me I'm happy to let you know that Salon Cosmetics are giving away an INDIA Trio gift pack to one of my lucky followers which includes a Shampoo, Conditioner and Oil valued at $115.85.  To enter all you need to do is be following this blog via Facebook - check out the rafflecopter form below to enter and for more details!

Don't forget to check out  the Salon Cosmetics webpage for more details on this range.

Terms & Conditions:
1. This giveaway is open to Australian residents only
2. This giveaway is open until Friday 28th June with the winner drawn on Saturday 29th June.
3. If you're under 16 years old please get your parents or guardians permission before entering this giveaway.
4. The winner will need to provide me with their address details which will be passed onto Salon Cosmetics who will send your gift pack directly to you.
5.  I will take no responsibility for damaged, lost or delayed parcel as this is coming direct from Salon Cosmetics.
6.  The winner will be announced on my blog and also on the Imminent Beauty Facebook page.

Good Luck

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*Disclaimer: The trial pack was given to me for my consideration but my thoughts and reviews are purely my own honest opinion.   

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Batiste Dry Shampoo - Blush

I've been a huge fan of Batiste Dry Shampoo for many years now so I was very happy to receive a can of this in the latest Her Fashion Box.

There are a few different "flavours" in this range of dry shampoos, the only difference between them that I can tell is the scent.  I received a 200ml can of "Blush" which has a soft feminine floral scent which fades away soon after application.  I have fine hair that is extremely dry on the ends but oily on the roots so a product like this is absolutely ideal to extend time between washes.  To use I shake the can and spray from a 15-30cm distance away all over my roots.  I then brush it through so there are no visible traces of powder left in my hair.  The oil on my roots is instantly soaked up and mattified and my hair is visibly refreshed.  The other bonus that I love about this product is the volume it gives my fine hair, turning second day hair into a fresh hairstyle full of body.

I have tried many other brands of dry shampoo but Batiste continues to remain my favourite and is a product I can't live without.

Are you a fan of dry shampoo?  I'd love to know your favourite brand!

Kayte xx

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Friday, June 7, 2013

I think its safe to say that every sample featured in today's post has been a win for me!!

1.  Napoleon Auto Pilot Primer - This was a great travel size primer that is lovely and hydrating.  I've already got a full size one waiting in my drawers to be used!

2.  Lush Helping Hands - a gorgeous hand cream that sinks in fairly quickly and leaves hands feeling soft and hydrated.

3.  Rachel K CC Blemish Balm in Neutral - I was really impressed by the coverage and finish of this base product.  Felt really lovely on the skin and lasted a good 8 hours.  Will be looking at purchasing the full product of this once I use up the products I already have.

4.  Redken Diamond Oil Shampoo - this came in a set with a conditioner and treatment but because I always double shampoo I used this more quickly than the others.  This is a beautiful product but unfortunately it's just a little too heavy for my fine hair.  Whilst I loved the softness and hydration it gave my hair it did leave my hair slightly weighed down.

5.  Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse - I was so excited to get this sample because I've read so many rave reviews on it.  I've never used a pre-cleanser before and even though I thoroughly enjoyed using this product every time I think of a pre-cleanser that crazy meme lady starts singing "Ain't nobody got time fo that".  Cleansing before cleansing just seems.... pointless

6. Lonvitalite Coconut Milk Hydrating & Nourishing Facial Mask - this is a sheet mask that left my skin feeling plump and soft.  If I saw these again I would definitely buy them.  A perfect mask for a hot bath on a cold winters night.

Happy Friday Everyone - we're heading into a lovely long weekend for the Queens Birthday and I've got a hot date with the mid year winter sales!  What are your plans for the weekend?

Kayte xx
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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

As you can see, I managed to use up quite a few products in May.  I've found that since I re-organised all my products (see post here) I've been using up products I already own instead of buying more/new things.

1.  St Ives Apricot Scrub Renew & Firm - This has been my holy grail cleanser for years.  I find the exfoliating beads are gentle enough to use everyday and the inclusion of AHA keeps my skin looking bright and fresh without stripping my skin unnessarily.

2.  Young Blood Mineral Primer - I received this from a friend about a year ago.  It's very similar to the Benefit Porefessional Primer with that matte silicone type finish.  It was a beautiful primer but a little too expensive for me to repurchase.

3.  Swisspers Cleansing Wipes - I don't often use these to remove makeup - more to clean my makeup from dirty fingerprints and swatches off my hands/arms!  I find them pleasant to use but have no preference about brands of cleansing wipes.

4.  Pantene Deep Fortifying Shampoo - This is always my go-to supermarket brand for haircare.

5.  Batiste Dry Shampoo in Tropical - These will always be in my empties every month.  I love love love this product and couldn't imagine living without it.  I'll be reviewing it in full in the coming days so watch this space ;)

6.  Garnier Clean Sensitive Eye Makeup Remover - I did like this eye makeup remover it is nice and gentle - no stinging at all - but I still always seem to end up with panda eyes when I get out of the shower.  I have now started using Coconut Oil as a makeup remover again and it's a lot more effective at getting makeup off.

7.  Alchemy Unscented Wheat Free Conditioner - This is a lovely conditioner that hydrates my hair but doesn't weigh it down.  My hair is quite fine so a gentle conditioner like this is perfect for me.

8.  Eyelure Accents Eyelashes Black 318 - I got these in my last Her Fashion Box and I couldn't wait to try them out.  They're half lashes that are designed to be applied on the outer half of your lash line.  I found them pretty easy to put on, they didn't need trimming at all, I just put the glue on and applied with tweezers.  They lasted two days before I pulled them off (they would've lasted more but I can't handle not washing my eyelashes for any longer) and they looked so pretty and natural on.  I will definitely be buying these again.

9.  Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus - This was a fantastic treatment conditioner full of proteins that noticeably strengthened my hair.  My hair felt incredibly soft after using it and I will definitely be picking up another tub of this once I've used up my collection of samples.

Do you have trouble finishing off products before opening new ones like me?

Kayte xx

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Monday, June 3, 2013

I'm not usually a fan of receiving nail polishes in beauty boxes as they tend to be more on the side of miss rather than hit but the colour of this polish I received in this month's Her Fashion Box caught my eye straight away.

The beautiful opaque shade of indigo sits right inbetween a deep shade of purple and navy blue.  I usually have my nails shellaced at the nail salon as my nail polish always seems to chip just hours after applying it or I don't sit still for long enough and they smudge.  This polish is so opaque I could've got away with one coat but I applied two and a top coat.  Dry time was around 15-20 mins and there was no hint of streaking or smudging which is almost a first for me.

The photo above is taken 3 days after application and shows the true feature of the nail polish.  Only my pointing finger is slightly chipped on top and a small amount of wear on the tips.  Most other nail polishes I've worn would've peeled around the sides and chipped a lot more than what is shown here.  I'm crazy impressed with this nail polish and have made many compliments on it also.  The wear time is around 4-5 days and Polished London is also "4 free" which means there's no nasty's.

RRP is $7.99 and I'll definitely be looking to buy some more shades in this range.

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Posts like these are my favourites not only to write but also to read.  In a world full of pr samples and reviews I always find it interesting to see what people are actually using and loving (or even hating).  I've been keeping mine to a top 10 format each month so that I don't go overboard and also don't bore you with a list as long as my arm of products I love haha.  Without further ado here are the products I've adored in May:

1.  NYX Colour Lipbalm - a lovely fruity hydrating lipbalm with a hint of coral colour

2.  Beauty Blender - this little pink sponge has changed my foundation routine for the better.  My newest holy grail item that I can't live without.  Read my full review here!

3.  Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat - I use this famous little beauty under my eyes as a concealer/brightener and it's amazing as everyone says!  I've had this for quite a while now but have rediscovered it this month.

4. Mac Mineralize Eyeshadow in "Pink Union" - I picked this up recently in a blog sale and I've been loving both colours in this shimmery pigmented duo.

5. Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation in Buff - I picked this up in the last Chemist Warehouse sale and I'm loving it.  Full coverage with a really nice finish this cream style foundation applys beautifully.

6.  Maybelline Color Tattoo in "Bad to the Bronze" - This is another item I picked up in the Chemist Warehouse sale and after using "Tough as Taupe" for the last couple of months I thought I'd pick this colour up to change up my base colour a bit.  The color tattoos are amazing - they last all day and provide a perfect base for layering other shadows on top.  I've been using this as a base all over the lid and then using a slighter darker brown for the contour.

7.  Benefit "Hoola" - I'd had this little number for a while and always been too scared to use it because I'm very pale and this is quite a dark bronzer.  With a very light hand I've been using this as a contour and it's lovely.

8. Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine Intense* - I've been using this oil in my hair 2-3 time a week and its amazing.  My favourite part is that it's not full of silicons but do check out my full review here.

9. The Natural Source Camouflage Colour Crayon - This came in my March Lust Have It beauty box and its a great neutral colour I've been using every day in my waterline.  It's much softer than using white in the waterline and gives a much more natural look.

10. Bombshell Cosmetics Blush in "Beach Please" - I only got this in May's Lip Factory box but I have used it every single day since I got it.  Having not been into blush much before I have a feeling this may be the start of a new obsession.  This is a beautiful pink colour that is not as scary on the cheeks as it appears!

What did you think of my favourites this month?  Do any of my favourites match yours?

Kayte xx

*Items marked with a * show items that were provided to me for my consideration.  As with everything written on this blog you will only see my honest opinion and reviews.

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