Tuesday, June 25, 2013

International Beauty Box: Lipfactory June 2013

The last of this month's beauty boxes arrived yesterday with this special parcel direct from America.  The Lip Factory box is one of my favourites because it's always full of full-sized makeup products from brands that I either haven't heard of or haven't tried. 

Because it's now Summer in America the theme of the box was all about going on a summer vacation but to be honest I can't see how the products match the theme.

This month's box included 5 full sized makeup products, one skincare sample and one nailpolish.

Lipfactory Beauty Box - June 2013
 1.  Befine Exfoliating Cleanser
This is a natural paraben free exfoliating cleanser with Brown Sugar, Sweet Almond & Oats.  It's in a sachet which can be quite annoying to use but it's a pretty decent size.  I'll probably take this away with me for a long weekend away I've got coming up in July.

2.  Manic Panic Raven Mascara
I have never heard of this brand before but being cruelty free and vegan is always a win.  The colour is Black and it has a lovely thick brush which I look forward to trying out.

3. Essence Volumizing Lash Powder
Now this is a very interesting product.  We have Essence here in Australia but I haven't seen this particular one before.  Inside this pot is a fibre substance which looks like the stuffings of a pillow.  From what I can work out you apply this with the lash applicator directly after one coat of mascara and then add another coat of mascara on top to seal it.  I've had products before that add fibre to the lash to give you a "lash extension" type look but this is a very interesting concept.

4.  Manic Panic High Voltage Lip Gloss
Another product from the Manic Panic range.  I took one look at this deep red lipgloss before declaring "yuk" but when I opened it and applied it it's actually really beautiful.  I applied a light coat and it's given my lips the perfect amount of colour without looking garish.  It's easy to apply a heavier coat to get a much brighter and redder result.  It's not at all sticky and feels very hydrating on my lips.  It's also one of those fancy lipglosses that has a mirror and lights that glow when you open it up.

5.  29 Cosmetics Lipstick
This is a pure red lipstick that looks beautiful but I'm pretty sure I won't be wearing any time soon as I'm still a newbie to the bright lipstick fad :)

6. Colour U Loose Eyeshadow in Caribbean Sea
A stunning turquoise loose eye dust.  Love love love this colour and have something similar in the Napoleon Perdis Loose Dusts.

7.  Londontown Lakur Nailpolish
A very pale pink nail polish.  I have shellac on my nails at the moment so there will be no swatching of this but I'll keep it in my stash for a later date.

This box costs around $32AUD including shipping to Australia and in my opinion is the best value beauty box available to Australians - especially if you're starting to get over-run with skincare samples from other boxes like I am.

What doyou think of this box?  Do you think it's better than the Australian beauty boxes on offer?

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Kayte xx


  1. Great box there, I received a purple nail polish

    Jac x0x

  2. Lust-inducing box. I'm breaking my 100-day online shopping ban to sign up for this, no matter what. I want! I need! (Second thing you "made" me go for, the first being the Beauty Blender :P)

  3. I got all the same colours as you! The mascara isn't the greatest and I tried the lash powder yesterday and it didn't seem to make a difference and also made a huge mess...lol

  4. Hi Kayte! I haven't heard of this box before, so this post was really interesting to me. If you haven't yet I do recommend Wet n Wild lipstick - it is so cheap but so pigmented and just gorge! :) Nice to meet you in person over the weekend and Monday; have a great weekend! :)


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