Monday, June 3, 2013

NOTD - Polished London in "Portobello"

I'm not usually a fan of receiving nail polishes in beauty boxes as they tend to be more on the side of miss rather than hit but the colour of this polish I received in this month's Her Fashion Box caught my eye straight away.

The beautiful opaque shade of indigo sits right inbetween a deep shade of purple and navy blue.  I usually have my nails shellaced at the nail salon as my nail polish always seems to chip just hours after applying it or I don't sit still for long enough and they smudge.  This polish is so opaque I could've got away with one coat but I applied two and a top coat.  Dry time was around 15-20 mins and there was no hint of streaking or smudging which is almost a first for me.

The photo above is taken 3 days after application and shows the true feature of the nail polish.  Only my pointing finger is slightly chipped on top and a small amount of wear on the tips.  Most other nail polishes I've worn would've peeled around the sides and chipped a lot more than what is shown here.  I'm crazy impressed with this nail polish and have made many compliments on it also.  The wear time is around 4-5 days and Polished London is also "4 free" which means there's no nasty's.

RRP is $7.99 and I'll definitely be looking to buy some more shades in this range.

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  1. Love that colour, and great that it wears well. I haven't seen that brand before but if I see it for sale somewhere, I might just have to pick some up.

    1. I saw an ad that said they have it priceline now but I haven't seen it for myself. I'll be keeping an eye out too :)

  2. The colour looks great on you. I love opaque nail polishes that only require 1 or 2 coats.


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