Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Empties - June 2013

Another month has flown by and I only managed to use up 6 things in the month of June but one was a makeup item so I think I get double points for that!

Lux Fine Fragrance Secret Bliss Body Wash
I adore this body wash - so much so that I have 4 back-ups sitting in the cupboard.  I'm scared it's limited edition ha.

Dove Minimising Deodorant
i didn't like the smell of this - far to overpowering just for a deodorant.  And as for minimising well God knows how you measure that but I didn't notice a thing.

Akin Rosehip Oil
This is a Godsend in Winter! A perfectly lovely oil to hydrate and nourish your skin on a cold winter's night.  I also love to add a couple of drops into my body moisturiser and when in a pinch I have used it to remove my eye makeup.  I already have another bottle of this opened and ready to go.

Wet n Wild Eye Makeup Remover
If this looks full to you well it is.  I bought this from a blog sale and used it once.  I have no idea if this is a dud product or if it is actually supposed to smell like nail polish remover but this is the most awful product I have ever used.  Not only does it small like nail polish remover it feels like it on your eyes.  I spent a good 15 minutes rinsing my eyes out with cold water after using this and is going straight in the bin.  I wouldn't inflict this on my worst enemy.

Batiste Dry Shampoo
My holy grail product I can't live without.  This features in my empties post pretty much every month because I use it every second day to prolong washing my hair.  My roots are oily and this just soaks it all up and lets me get away for an extra day without washing my hair.

Australis Color Inject Mineral Lip Gloss in Burlesque
I love these lipglosses and this is actually my second tube of this colour, which says a lot of someone who owns a shitload of lipglosses.  This is a perfectly shiny non-sticky plum lipgloss which has a sweet fruity edible scent.

What did you think of this months Empties? Do you struggle to finish up products like me?

Kayte x


  1. Yay for empties! The Wet n Wild eye make up remover sounds AWFUL. Nobody it was in the blog sale haha!


  2. Wow that Wet n Wild make up remover sounds really nasty! I got that Batiste dry shampoo in my bellabox and loved it. I went to buy some more and all my Priceline had was an XXL volume one which is really weird. It's like spray on cement. That Akin Rosehip Oil sounds nice. I was going to do an empties post today, but there is so much in my bag I couldn't face it hehe. Thanks for sharing yours :D

    1. Oh dear I missed this comment Susannah sorry for not replying sooner! I've got that XXL volume one somewhere as well - I think I stopped using it for the same reason


  3. I love lux shower gels, they are one of my faves :) Hey, you are nominated for a Liebster award on my blog btw :)


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