Friday, July 5, 2013

June 2013 - Top Ten Beauty Products

Each month I love showing you what my favourite products were in the previous month.  It motivates me to use different things and might help introduce you to some new products :)

Here's what I loved in June:

Benefit Sexiest Nudes Ever Palette
You can read my full review here but basically this palette is amazing and pretty much all I've been using on my eyes since I got it.  There are so many looks that can be created with this one palette, its super pigmented and lasts all day and then some.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm in Crush
I picked this up from ebay a little while ago but this colour is now available here in Australia.  It's a lovely deep berry colour on its own but I love mixing a  little bit in with the honey shade to create a lighter berry look.  I am a huge fan of the formula of these lip stains and I pretty much wear them daily.

Benefit They're Real Mascara
I've started using this trial sized mascara and I love it.  It makes my already curly lashes thick and black - just how I like em.

Smiths Rosebud Salve
I picked this up from Adore Beauty this month and I've been using it at night to hydrate my lips while I'm sleeping.  It smells beautiful and I love waking up with plump hydrated lips.

Saucebox Eyeshadow in Caramella
I picked this up from Lipstick Republic recently and absolutely love using it as a contour colour in my eyelid crease.  It's a lovely dense pigmented shadow that doesn't create any fall out.  It's also a perfect neutral colour and doesn't have that orangy tone that some browns have.

Manicare Cuticle Therapy
Winter is having a red hot go at drying out not only the skin on my face but also my hands and nails.  I'm not a huge fan of hand cream so this cuticle oil has been perfect to drop onto my nails to try to fix them up.  

Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift 
A little beauty picked I up on sale from Priceline this month, a lovely softly sweet fragrance which lasts surprisingly longer than Taylor Swifts boyfriends.

Korres Lipbalm in Pomegranate
This was an ASOS purchase (who doesn't love free shipping) a little while ago.  I love tinted lipbalms as you get that hint of colour while also taking care of your lips.  This ones a winner in every aspect.

Physicians Formula Glow & Mood Boosting Blush in Natural
I can't say much for its Mood Boosting abilities (it is winter after all) but it sure leaves a rosy pink hue to my cheeks

Hoola by Benefit
This is bronzing powder that I've been using as a soft contour just under my cheekbones.  It's quite a strong matte colour so for someone as pale as me it needs to be used with a very gentle hand.

What did you think of my favourites this month?  Do you share any of the same favourites?

Kayte x


  1. We have such similar taste! I love Crush and They're Real and I've been eyeing off that Benefit kit for the longest time haha

    Sarah xx

    1. The Benefit kit is awesome and for only $44 I really think it is fantastic value!!

  2. I have the Korres lip balm, it keeps my lips ultra moisturised and doesn't try out after 20mins ^_^

    1. Its fantastic isn't it - I'm trying to stop myself buying more!

  3. "...which lasts surprisingly longer than Taylor Swifts boyfriends." HAHAHA
    Lovely faves!

  4. I love the look of the Caramella eyeshadow and the Benefit palette. I have that Revlon balm stain. I often put it over a lipstick which is too light to deepen the shade, or use it on it's own. I have Honey too, that's definitely a favourite of mine.

    1. Yup Honey is amazing - I've been having such fun mixing all the colours of the balm stains and coming up with different tones! Love it

  5. Although this is a very good list of things that are essential for all the girls out there I still can't afford it with all the bills at my hand.


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