Friday, August 16, 2013

How to: Turn your loose eyeshadow into eyeliner

Today I want to tell you about how you can transform your loose eyeshadows into eyeliners.

This is something I was taught when I trained to be a makeup artist and have used many times over the years.  

You'll need the following items
1.  Loose Eyeshadow
2.  Cake Eyeliner Sealer (CEL)
3. A thin liquid liner brush

Just a note on the Cake Eyeliner Sealer - the bottle featured here (Kryolan) is something I purchased from a makeup artist supply store a few years ago as you can probably tell by the wear on the bottle.  It's not a huge bottle but as you only need a tiny drop of it it will last you forever.  Napoleon Perdis make a Cake Eyeliner Sealer too and is probably a lot more accessible than this Kryolan one.

Okay now that you've got your eyeliner sealer, brush and loose eye shadow you'll need something to mix them on.  I sometimes use a piece of paper but more often I just use the back of a palette and wipe it off with a face wipe afterwards.  

Drop a tiny drop of eyeliner sealer onto the paper and then scoop some of your loose eyeshadow onto it and slowly mix it together using your brush.  Only use a small amount of powder as it's easy to add powder to it if you need more but as soon as you add more liquid you're going to end up with lots more than you actually need.

Once you've created the consistency you are happy with - I like it quite thick so it's easier to work with - all you need to do is start using it.  The look you get will depend on the size of your brush you use but just as when you use any liquid eyeliner I recommend you start off with a thin line and build it up slowly.

If you have an array of coloured loose eyeshadows like me I encourage you to try this out.  I think you'll be amazed just how you can brighten your eyes instantly with a pop of colour.

Coloured eyeliner is a fantastic way to start using colour.  Just keep your eyeshadow on your lid really natural and then line your lashes with your new coloured liquid eyeliner.  Finish with lashings of mascara!

Alternatively use a natural loose eyeshadow as you can see in the swatches below.  A shimmery neutral brown liquid liner would be a great finishing touch to a neutral eye

Have you ever made your own liquid eyeliner like this? 

Kayte xx

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  1. Oooh I want to try this. I've been wetting my brush and dipping it in pressed powder shadows but never with loose shadow. Thanks for the great tip x
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