Monday, September 16, 2013

Empties - Sample Edition - August 2013

This post is a little late in coming but I managed to try out a few sample products in August...

Suigo Conditioner & Treatment
I used up the shampoo much faster than these.  Apart from the wierd smell I enjoyed using these products.  They're very hydrating and leave my hair really soft.  Full review here.

LA Fresh - Waterproof Makeup Remover
Did a good job but wouldn't go out on my way to find out where I can even buy these.  Think they came in an earlier Bellabox.  Would buy them if I found them in-store somewhere.

Dr LeWinns Cleansing Milk
Received this in a Her Fashion Box and loved it.  Full Review here.

Aesop Damascan Rose Facial Treatment
There was .75 of a ml in this little sample but I managed to squeeze 2 uses out of it.  In short it is amazing.  Both times I used it I noticed a significant improvement of my skin.  It has a strong scent of Rose and Neroli and left my skin so hydrated and plump.  I'm dying to buy a full size bottle but at $75 for 25ml I'm finding it a little difficult to hit the Buy Now button.  Maybe my sister will read this post and decide to buy me a bottle out of the goodness of her heart ;)

Pureology Previous Oil Softening Conditioner
Pretty decent haircare range - as always I used up the shampoo long before the conditioner.  Full Review Here.

Kevin Murphy Angel Wash & Angel Rinse
I don't know why but the names Wash & Rinse confused me and I had to keep trying to work out which one is Shampoo and which was Conditioner.  It makes sense when I read it now but not when it's 6am and I'm half asleep in the shower.  Anyway I didn't like these products and didn't even both finishing them off.  Life's too short to use shitty hair products.

Kayte xx


  1. "Life's too short to use shitty hair products."

    I love that!! It's so true.

    Ahh I have soooo many samples. I really need to start using them. But the problem is that I have too many full size products too. I can't win ;)

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    1. Thanks for the follow Suzie - I'll check out your blog



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