Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday's Letters #2

Darwin Sunset - 2012

Dear Darwin Sunsets
I miss you.  I miss living by the ocean and watching the warm sun sink slowly into you.

Dear Weather
Thanks for sending a couple of warm sunny days my way.  That little snapshot of warmth was enough to make me feel human again and boy did it feel good to wear my jandals even if it was only for one day. 

Dear Work
Thankyou for sending everyone overseas on a work conference.  Thankyou for sending me to a hotel this weekend instead and paying for dinner, breakfast and a bottle of champage.  And one more thankyou for not leaving me with much work to do meaning I'm feeling pretty chilled out about now :)

Dear Lucy
Makeup is not for cats.  My clothes are not for cats.  My new reclining chairs are not for cats.  NOT FOR CATS!
Dear Weekend
Boy I can't wait to see you;  The Royal Adelaide Show, A night of luxury in the city, A massage - you're looking to be a good one ;)
Happy Friday Everyone - what have you got planned for the weekend?
Kayte xx


  1. Well your weekend sounds amazing - I have to go to the Wallabies v Springboks game. Yay...

  2. Ohh your weekend sounds great! Have lots of fun :)

  3. Hi Kate. Your Dear Lucy ones always give me a laugh :D. I'm going to the show too! Have a great weekend! P.S. Darwin never stops being hot, you'd probably get sick of it eventually. Adelaide has the best beauty bloggers LOL.

    1. So true Susannah - definitely best beauty bloggers ;)

      Kayte xx


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