Monday, October 14, 2013

Bellabox October 2013

I arrived back from my holiday to New Zealand late on Saturday night and spent Sunday suffering from the typical post holiday blues.  I'll write a specific post about the holiday later in the week and show you some of my favourite pics including some of the shopping I did over there but in short  I had a fantastic time visiting family and friends and showing my man around my homeland. 

I went back to work today and was surprised and delighted when my Bellabox was delivered.  It seemed like a nice little welcome back present sent to cheer me up :)

It seems that Bellabox have stopped sending their products in boxes and just like last month have sent this months products wrapped in bubblewrap and encased with the above cardboard slip.  It seems to keep it all together fine and I wasn't using the boxes they were sending so the change doesn't bother me at all.

Bellabox October 2013

The card enclosed indicated that this is Bellabox's 2 year Birthday edition and they teamed up with They All Hate Us to bring this box.

The October Bellabox has 7 items 6 of which are sample/trial size and one full size product.  Straight away I could tell the one full size product was worth more than what I'd paid for the box ($15) so I was happy.

Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Reconstruction Shampoo and Reconstruction Mask
I have never heard of this brand but these trial sized bottles are the perfect size to try out a new product.  These both smell really good and I'm looking forward to trying them out.

Vaseline Healthy Radiance Anti-Aging Lotion
This body moisturiser contains AHA and pro-retinol to help fight the signs of aging so I'm intrigued to try this out and see what effect it has (if any).  Another good trial size.

Beyonce Heat Perfume 2ml
This smells a bit strong for me but I like to keep these in my handbag for emergencies.  

Nivea Light Moisturising Day Cream for Normal & Combination Skin
This doesn't really appeal to me much but I may give it a try.  It does have SPF15 in it so might be a good one to try out on a hot summers day when I can get away with using a lighter day cream.

Loreal Paris Shine Caresse in 501 Bonnie
I was really excited to see this product as I've been wanting to try them out.  This is worth $23.95 and apparently combines a gloss and lipstick in one.

Loreal Nutri Lift Gold Serum Foundation - Sachet
Another product I was excited to see, I've seen this foundation around but keep forgetting to swatch it when I'm in store.  I think this sample in the colour Sand will be too dark for me but I'll try it out to see what the colour and consistency are like.

All in all I'm pretty happy with this box.  There's nothing Wow in it but I should be able to use all of the products and for $15 it's not hard to see the value.

If you want to know more head to

What do you think of this month's Bellabox?

Kayte xx



  1. Love the L'Oreal lip product, but overall the box is really meh. This year BB has completely underwhelmed me. I can never remember what was in the box a few days after receiving it.

    1. I agree Amy, they don't seem to be doing as well recently or maybe I'm just getting over it. I do think though that Bellabox offers the best value over Violet Box and Lust Have it which are more expensive and haven't impressed me at all.

      Kayte x

  2. WOW you got a full size L'oreal lip product!!!!!!!! SO jealous. I was overall happy with my box but now I'm reading reviews there is such a variation in boxes this month which I think is poor form :/

    Sarah | More Than Adored

    1. Yeah its really annoying when you see other people get better things in their boxes and you all paid the same amount. I do think the service should be the same for everyone!

  3. I've seen a variety of different boxes so far, i think i like yours the best! I like the look of the loreal gloss too!

    1. Yeah the gloss is definitely the best part about the box :)

      Thanks for your comment xx


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