Friday, October 18, 2013

Review: Skin Wear Tan & Go Professional Self-tanning Mouse

Skin Wear Tan & Go Self Tanning Mousse (Medium Bronze)

I was recently asked to review a self-tanning mouse and with Summer not too far off I couldn't think of a better time to start testing out some fake tans.  My theory is if I try them out in Spring it's no problem to cover up till it fades away or washes off.  If I test them out in Summer and have a fail, I'll hate covering up in the hot weather. 

Skin Wear Salon Solutions is a brand I hadn't heard of before but I was interested to try it out as they are Australian made and owned and are first and foremost product suppliers to tanning salons.  Because my skin is of the 'pasty' variety I'm a fan of spray tans however I only get them done a few times a year for special occasions.

I trialled the Skin Wear Tan & Go Professional Self-Tanning Mouse in Medium-Bronze and a tanning mitt was supplied also.  I much prefer to use a mousse and tanning mitt over sprays or creams because I just find them so much easier to apply and get an even result.

I took care to exfoliate and moisturise my legs the day before applying this and on the day of application i made sure my legs had no moisturiser or product on them.  I pumped out some mousse onto the supplied tanning mitt and started applying.  The first thing I noticed is that this tanning product doesn't smell like tanning product, it smells quite sweet with a hint of vanilla.

The colour of the mousse is a bronzed brown.  There is no hint of orange in this tan whatsoever which I was very impressed with.  I'm not a fan of the orange-hued tans as I find they don't look as natural.  The colour the tan applied and dried is pretty much exactly the colour you're left with when you wash it off in 6-8 hours (I left mine on overnight).

I've never had any problem blending and buffing mousse tan onto my legs with a tanning mitt in the past but I found this quite difficult to work with.  It seemed to be drying quite quickly so I worked as quick as I could to get it all rubbed in and even.  Unfortunately for the bonier areas like my knees and ankles it was very hard to blend in and the next day I was left with a small area of unevenness on my ankles and feet.

And because I'm feeling very brave and I know you'll be nice and not judge me on my pastiness here are some photos :)  The angle of the photos make it hard to see the uneveness around the feet and in one photo it looks like I didn't even apply tan there at all.

Overall I found this tan to be a bit hit and miss.  I loved the colour and the scent but the fact that it was so hard to blend makes me think twice about using this product again.  For someone who possibly already has some colour to their skin or is pro at applying tan this product may work better for them.

Before and after picture of the Skin Wear Tan & Go Professional Self Tanning Mousse in Medium Bronze

Before and after picture of the Skin Wear Tan & Go Professional Self Tanning Mousse in Medium Bronze

Before and after picture of the Skin Wear Tan & Go Professional Self Tanning Mousse in Medium Bronze

Do you fake tan?  What's your favourite brand? I'd love to hear any tips or trick if you'd like to share in the comment section below.

Kayte xx

*This product was provided to me for my consideration but as always my thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced in anyway.


  1. Great review. Even after one coat, the Skinwear tan looks a little darker than what I would use. I use a gradual tanner that you can build up daily. I like it to be very subtle so it looks natural. The one I use is Dove Summer Glow, from the supermarket. I always use moisturiser on my knees and ankles first so those areas don't absorb too much product. Thanks for sharing this review and have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks for the tip Susannah, I'll make sure to do that next time I tan :)

      Kayte x

  2. Hi Kayte, I absolutely love this tan and am devastated to find out it is now discontinued!! Do you happen to know anywhere that I can still find it?


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