Monday, December 2, 2013

Her Fashion Box November 2013 (Feminine)

Another month, another round of Beauty boxes.... yes it is the 2nd December and yes this is my November Her Fashion Box and yes it did only arrive today.  They had some problems and I'm not going to go on about it as some times things like this happen but I wish they had continued to send these boxes out in the first week of the month just like they did with the very first box.

Anyhow let's get on with it because this month's box had a whopping 11 items in it and I'm excited to show it to you....

Model Co, Fashion Accesories, Hair Donut, Orly Nail Polishes
Her Fashion Box November 2013
 My favourite colour is Pink so I was very happy to delve into this box and check out all the lovely shades of pink!  Included were 5 Beauty products and 6 Fashion Accesories.

Let's break it down

Her Fashion Box Beauty Products

 At first glance I was annoyed to see yet another Modelco product (these keep appearing in all the beauty boxes and I'm getting over it) and ANOTHER two nailpolishes.  However the Modelco product is a Black Long Wear Gel Eyeliner which I'm actually really keen to try out.  I'm hoping it's awesome.  Next up was a Soothing Body Balm from Urban Rituelle with a Coconut & Honey scent - YUM!!  And two Orly Nailpolishes in Gumdrop and Peaceful Opposition.  I've mentioned in posts before that my nails are always shellaced so I never use nailpolish and am getting tired of seeing them in all the Her Fashion Boxes - especially when they're two at a time but I'm sure I'll find someone to give them too and at least they're nice colours.  And Orly chucked in a bonus pedicure separator.  The value of the Beauty products alone in this months box is $70

Her Fashion Box November Accessories

 Next up was the Fashion Accessories and there was a great assortment of different things.  The Hair Donut caught my attention first, I'm not sure if my hair is long enough to use this but I'll definitely give it a try.  A bundle of gold and hot pink bangles caught my eye next, followed by a baby pink and gold cuff bracelet, a soft floral headscarf and a soft pink lace inspired necklace.  Even though there's quite a bit of gold here and I never normally wear gold I actually quite like these accessories.  The only one I'm not sure about is the necklace but I'll see if I can find an outfit to wear it with and see how it looks.

There was also a bow ring which is just gorgeous but since this isn't featured in the book anywhere I think it may be the bonus for filling out the monthly survey

Her Fashion Box - Gold & White Bow Ring (nails are shellaced)

 There was also a bonus Hallmark card which isn't featured here in the photos.  It's from their latest range called The Signature Collection and the one I received is a greeting card with a mini chalkboard on the front which can be removed and reused well after the card has served it's purpose.

The value of the accessories (not including the ring which wasn't priced) totalled just under $75 which brings the total value of the box to over $140.

Overall I'm really impressed with this month's box - it was jam packed full of different things and I felt there was a good mix between beauty and fashion.

What do you think of the November Her Fashion Box?

Kayte xx


  1. What an absolutely cute bow ring! Loved everything in your box - except maybe the bangles, but that's because I find it difficult to write when I wear bangles!

  2. I got just about the same box! That ring's a cutie.


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