Monday, February 17, 2014

Recent Empties - February Edition

Shampoo, Conditioner, Moisturiser, Dry Shampoo, Body Lotion, Sensitive Skin, Makeup Remover, Cetaphil
I've managed to get through quite a lot of empties recently although in saying that this is probably more than 2 months worth.  A couple of items here I haven't finished but I'm chucking out for one reason or another.  Read on to see what I thought of each product...

Davroe Volume Senses Shampoo & Conditioner*
Davroe is a South Australian brand that I heard about at last year's Adelaide Beauty Bloggers Conference.  I was really excited to try these out as I'm always chasing more volume for my fine hair.  I really enjoyed using these products, they definitely gave me volume and left my hair feeling clean and light-weight without that stripping feeling.  

St Ives Apricot Scrub (Ageless Skin)
This is my holy grail scrub that I always use to wash my face in the shower.  It has gentle exfoliating beads as well as AHA's and is gentle enough to use every day.  I will always repurchase this product.

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush
Another product that always features in my empties.  I use dry shampoo every second day and love this one for it's nice soft fragrance and the great way it soaks up oil and prolongs having to wash my hair.  It also gives my hair some lift which is an added bonus.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
This is a product that I'm chucking.  I used to always use the Cetaphil moisturiser on my face so thought I'd give this a try but it's far too gentle for my skin and I can't stand the feeling of it on my face.  It's kind of slimy and it doesn't feel like it's cleaning my face at all.  I tried using this as a body wash and also to shave my legs but didn't like it that way either so it's a chucker.

David Jones Day Cream Natural Regeneration
I received this in a David Jones Goodie Bag last year and it was a great trial size to take whenever I travelled.  I really enjoyed this day cream, it was lovely and hydrating but not too heavy and I would definitely purchase this again.

La Roche-Posay Lipikar Baume AP (Body Balm)*
This is a brand for sensitive skin and this body balm is absolutely devine.  Leaves my skin so hydrated and soft to touch and has no fragrance.  Loved this but not sure if I would repurchase as it's pretty pricy.  If you suffer from dry sensitive skin this could well be a good investment for you.

La Roche-Posay Lipikar Syndet (Cleansing Body Cream-Gel)*
Another product for sensitive skin, this was lovely and creamy and unlike some body washes doesn't strip the skin at all.  Sometimes I would even skip moisturiser after using this as it left my skin really soft all on it's own.  Just like the body balm this could be a good investment for you if you suffer from dry itchy sensitive skin.

Urban Rituelle Soothing Body Balm - Coconut & Honey
This is by far my favourite product at the moment.  I received this in one of my Her Fashion Box's and fell in love straight away.  The fragrance is absolutely amazing and no word of a lie smells like Christmas in a bottle.  Kind of like a really subtle pine tree smell but not in a weird way.  Fragrance aside this is the best body moisturiser I've ever used.  Incredibly hydrating, my skin just soaked it up and not only did I smell amazing when I applied this but my skin was soooooo soft!  I spent a lot of time searching for the full-size of this in the shops over Christmas/New Years but couldn't find it so I purchased this online as well as the matching body scrub and candle.  Yep that's how good the scent is!

ASAP Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
Another chucker - this was received in a beauty box last year.  It's only job is to remove eye makeup and it doesn't do this at all.  Fail.  Chucking.

Pelactiv Hydra Daily Defense
This is a daily moisturiser from another beauty box.  I'm chucking this as it's just too light for my skin and just doesn't really do anything.  Are you sensing a theme with the beauty box chuck outs?  

Akin Rosehip & Shea Intensive Moisture Anti-Oxidant Complex
This is a really thick moisturising face cream.  I was using this a couple of times a week as my skin can be on the drier side.  It's lovely to apply at night and wake up with lovely soft skin in the morning.  It's probably a little heavy for in the day if you want to wear makeup over top.  It's also great for any really dry parts you get on your body - knees, elbows etc.  Akin make a great range of Australian made products.

Ardell Magic Lash*
I have a full review of this here but I used this on my eyebrows and noticed a significant increase in new hair growth.  I'm pretty happy with my eyebrows at the moment but if I noticed them getting thinner again I would repurchase this product.

Batiste Dry Shampoo - Cherry
Another dry shampoo and I was excited about the scent of this but I didn't end up liking it.  I still used it up and it's still a great product but I prefer the blush scent over this one.

Whew! That was an essay and a half - congrats if you're still reading! A total of 14 products so I'm pretty proud of that.  I'm trying to make a real effort this year to use up the products I have - especially all the half used ones - before buying new things!

Kayte xx

*These items were provided for my consideration but my opinion is my own.  Read my disclosure policy for more details.


  1. great post.. I too was excited by the Cherry dry shampoo but got over the scent about halfway through the can!

    1. It's weird isn't it Loz, I really thought it would be awesome!

  2. Nice lot of empties! Pity about the ASAP make up remover - I loved their moisturisers.

    1. Yeah I had a sample of a moisturizer once that I liked too but definitely a no-go on the makeup remover. Thanks for your comment x


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