Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Review: Tuscan Tan Range

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Tuscan Tan Range

I've been meaning to tell you about these Tuscan Tan products for the longest time but Summer wrapped me up in all her warm goodness and I've been a bit MIA from the blog. Still better late than never right.
Tuscan Tan is Australian owned company that started off by creating an in-salon spray tanning product and soon grew to a full range of in-salon and take home tanning and skincare products.  The owners wanted to create a tanning product that mimicked the olive toned European tan and didn't throw off any orange or yellow hue.
  I have really fair skin that burns really easily and never tans so I use self tanners quite regularly (mainly on my legs) to give my skin a bit of colour and glow.  I was lucky enough to be sent the following three products to trial and tell you about...

Full Self Tan Mousse in Medium/Dark
Mousse is my favourite type of self tanner as it's just so easy to apply.  I was a bit hesitant with the colour because I thought Medium/Dark might just be a bit too obvious, especially if I didn't apply it correctly.  I shouldn't have worried, this mousse is tinted and using the Tuscan Tan Applicator Mitt it applied so quickly and blended in really easily.  Because of the tint I could see exactly where I had or hadn't put it and if any areas needed any blending.  It dried fairly quickly and after washing off the next morning I was left with an even, perfect tan that had just the right amount of colour.  I've used a lot of different self tanners and this is my new favourite, from the delicious scent, to the gorgeous colour this tanner is perfect and I'll definitely be restocking when I run out.
RRP $45

Wash Off Bronzing Mousse
If the idea of tanning freaks you out but you still want some colour this is the product for you.  It's a tan that applies instantly and washes off when your ready.  It's applied much the same as the mousse and as well as giving you a lovely glowy tan it also provides a bit of coverage.  This is good for someone like me because it covers up the spider veins I have on my legs.  The funny thing about this product is even though it's a wash off product you don't have to worry if you get caught in the rain or you spill a glass of water on yourself.  It does take some effort and some soap and water to really scrub it off - if you have an exfoliating glove I would recommend using that to make it easy.  This is definitely my new go-to product for when I've forgotten to tan but I want to wear a skirt, it really is fantastic.

Facial Tanning Serum
Every so often I come across a product that completely blows me away and the Tuscan Tan Facial Tanning Serum did just that.  I really didn't want to try this product as the thought of a self-tanning on my face just seemed like a recipe for disaster.  But in the name of beauty and research I applied some of this one night before bed.  It has a gel like consistency and is slightly tinted so you can see where you're putting it.  It smells really nice and there's not even a hint of that old fake tan scent.  The serum felt really nice and hydrating on my skin and it didn't bother me in the slightest to not apply moisturizer afterwards.  In the morning I half expected to look in the mirror and see an Oompa Loompa staring back at me, but my face only had the slightest hint of a tan and just looked so glowy and refreshed.  Because the serum only gives the lightest tint of a tan, you could use it everyday or every second day to build up the colour.  I was most impressed with this serum and how amazing it made my skin look the next day!!
RRP $30

All of these products have completely blown me away with their great quality and I find it hard to fault any of them.  They all smell amazing, give an even coverage and are so easy to use, I'm a big fan.  If you're scared about tanning or even if you're a long time user you seriously won't be disappointed by these products.

Kayte xx

P.S:  I was provided these products to trial and review but I was not paid to write about it at all.  As per my disclosure policy all opinions are my own, I'm just a really huge fan of these great products.  


  1. Hi Kayte. I would have been nervous too, especially as I've never used tanner on my face. Great news that all three worked out so well. Smelling good is definitely a plus as self tanners usually smell pretty bad. I'll be keeping Tuscan Tan in mind when I need more self tanner. Have a good weekend!


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