Friday, April 11, 2014

Watching the ships come in (Newcastle)

Today I'm absolutely bouncing off the walls because tomorrow I get to see my boy who I haven't seen for a month.  We are staying in Sydney for two nights before we jet off to Thailand with my family for 14 glorious nights.

We're flying Malaysia Airlines.... nuff said

I've finished my third week of the Couch to 5k app.  I'm not gonna lie it's really hard work but I feel so accomplished every time I do one.  This week consisted of running for 90 seconds, walking for 90 seconds then running for 3 minutes and walking for 2.  Repeat.  I can run pretty fine for about 90 seconds but the 3 minutes are so hard.  I said this before but I just can't imagine ever being able to run for 1 whole kilometre - let alone 5.

I had my eyebrows threaded this week for the first time in many years.  I forgot how much it hurt but Oh My God it's totally worth it. 

Probably don't need to say it but there'll be no blog posts from me while I'm away.  Feel free to follow me on Instagram (@kaytlynz) if you wanna see some travel pics from me and of course when I'm back I'm sure there will be a haul post ;)

I'm off to finish packing my bags and get a spray tan in anticipation of the best holiday of my life.

Kayte xx

Thursday, April 10, 2014

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Luminesce Essential Body Renewal, Cellular Rejuvenation Serum & Advanced Night Repair

A couple of months ago I was sent three products from the Luminesce Skincare Range* to trial and tell you about.  I was really excited to trial them as they claimed to use Adult Stem Cells to rejuvenate cell renewal and provide anti-aging benefits.

What they say...
The anti-aging skincare component of LUMINESCE™ super-charges the production of young, fresh skin cells. Infused with a potent growth factor complex derived from natural adult stem cells, the LUMINESCE family of products rejuvenates skin cells at a molecular level.
The Jeunesse Youth Enhancement System uses DNA repair and antioxidant ingredients to improve cell performance and longevity. Our patent-pending stem cell innovation helps generate new, vital skin cells in the first place.

This potent growth factor complex is able to rejuvenate skin cells faster and at a molecular level. New cell production is stimulated, resulting in increased collagen and elastin for firmer skin tone. New cells also give your complexion a fuller appearance with a healthy, vibrant glow. With LUMINESCE, skin appears younger, because at the cellular level, it literally is younger.

With claims like that I was really excited to try these out although in all honesty I'm 28 and even with dry skin I'm not quite at the stage where I need heavy-duty anti-aging skincare.  Prevention is better than cure though right?!

The Essential Body Renewal moisturiser is a lightweight lotion that has a significant cooling effect.  I used this mainly on my legs, focusing on my thighs where I could do with some improved firmness.  You don't need a lot of this, a little goes a long way and I found it to soak in really quickly without leaving a sticky residue.  I found this to be quite hydrating and I really enjoyed the cooling effect although I'm not sure if I would feel the same come winter.  After using this every morning for about a month I noticed quite an improvement in the firmness and texture of my legs.  I don't think this is a product you would use all the time but for a targeted specific problem this could help you out.

The Cellular Rejuvenation Serum is the brands star product boasting the highest percentage of the growth factor complex.  This is an incredibly light serum that soaks into skin immediately.  It provided a little hydration but for someone like me with dryer skin I definitely recommend applying moisturiser over top.  It took a little while to see results with this one, but after about a month I noticed a significant improvement in the texture of skin.  There was a definite smoothness that hadn't been there before and my skin -which is prone to redness and freckles - was a lot more even.  

I used the serum in conjunction with the Advanced Night Repair every night which helped boost the hydration factor.  The Night Repair is a cream-gel texture and is just beautiful to apply.  As soon as it's on, skin is left feeling soft, and the combination of the two products leaves me waking up with plump, hydrated skin.  For me the Advanced Night Repair cream is light enough to use during the day but probably best to let it do it's work while you're sleeping.
Serum RRP $134.95  Advanced Night Repair RRP $99.95

I find these skincare products to be on the pricier side but have always believed that good skincare is a necessary investment.  If you're looking for specific products to target the overall texture of your skin and fight aging in an advanced way then these products could be the ones for you.

Kayte xx

* These products were provided for my consideraton but that has not influenced my review at all.  Please see my disclaimer policy for more details.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

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I missed last month's post on my Top 10 Beauty Products so it was quite easy coming up with my March Favourites so without further ado...

Urban Rituelle Coconut & Honey Soothing Body Balm
I've mentioned it before but I honestly just can't get enough of this stuff.  They had a sale recently so I've well and truly stocked up on this stuff (as well as the matching body scrub, candle and soap).  This is by far the best body moisturizer I've ever used and I'm addicted to the scent as well.

Maybelline Total Clean Eye Makeup Remover
This is a great dual phase eyemakeup remover that works really well to remove even waterproof eyemakeup.  Have already re-purchased for when this one runs out.

Makeup Academy (MUA) Pro-Base Fixing Mist
I've had this for ages but dug it out again after finishing my sample of Scindinavia spray.  I'm not sure how well this works for making my makeup last longer but I do like the slightly dewy effect it gives my skin.  I spray my face with this after I've finished applying my makeup.

Essence I love Extreme Mascara
I think I've mentioned this one before as well but it really is a fantastic mascara and the fact that it's only something like $5 makes it even better.  This makes my lashes so full of volume it's crazy.  Will definitely be repurchasing this but I'm hoping to find it in a waterproof version (not sure if there is one or not)

Indola Wonder-Blow Dry
I won't go on about this one because you can read my full review here but this is a fantastic treatment applied to damp hair to give various benefits including heat protection and volume.

Dr Lewinns Revitanail
I've been giving my fingernails a break from my usual DIY Shellac and using this nail treatment to get some strength back into my nails.  There has been a significant improvement in the strength and appearance of my nails since using this and I'm looking forward to having them manicured in Thailand next week :)

Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Wiz in Medium Ash
There's a huge story behind this pencil but I'm not sure if I'll ever be bothered telling it, it really is a fantastic eye pencil though.  The pencil part is really thin so it's great for creating a defined yet natural eyebrow.  The colour is spot on for me too.  It was only just under $40 which I think is quite pricy - will see how long it lasts for though I guess.

Urban Rituelle Perfume Spray in Cotton Candy
This was in my recent empties so you'll have to hear me rave about it twice in one month.  This is my new bottle which I repurchased when the old one was getting low as I couldn't bear to not have it in my bag.  Another fantastic scent from Urban Rituelle - if you haven't checked out their stuff you really need to!

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in 205 Elusive
Finally, finally, finally I got my hands on the new Revlon Balm Stains.  I've picked up a couple of shades of Matte as well as a couple of the Lacquer balms and I'm definitely favouring the matte balms.  This one in Elusive is a lovely dusty pink colour which suits me as an everyday 'not too bright' colour.  These wear really well and if I'm good there will be a review up of sorts soon.

Sigma Small Tapered Blending Brush (E45)
I've had this brush for ages but never used it, until in March I finally picked it up to try out a crease cut eyeshadow look and I've fallen in love.  I'm already a huge fan of Sigma brushes so I have no idea why it took me so long to use this but I'm glad I finally did.  This creates the perfect blended crease cut and has really changed the way I'm applying eyeshadow.  Love love love!

Do you share any of my favourites this month?

Kayte xx

Friday, April 4, 2014

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Newcastle Baths

I've had another amazing week in Newcastle.  Chucking in my job and moving here really has been one of the best decisions I've ever made.  I feel so much more at peace. 

In just over a week I'll be heading to Phuket with the rest of the family.  There are 7 of us in total and we have rented a big villa for 14 nights.  I am beyond excited.  I'm planning on ticking snorkeling and paddle-boarding off my bucket list.  I'm also planning on eating bucket loads of Pad Thai. 

People in Newcastle are so friendly.  Every morning I go for a walk and 80% of the people I pass say Good Morning or at the very least smile and nod.  It's made me start doing the same, it's amazing how even just a smile can brighten someone's day.

I've just completed Week 2 of the Couch to 5k app and I have to say it's been a painful week.  I'm proud of myself though and I'm determined to keep going and finish it.

Most days, Dad and I have been heading down to the Newcastle Baths for a swim and some sunbathing.  I love swimming here because it's ocean water but without the whole shark fear thing!

If you've been to Thailand/Phuket I'd love to hear any thoughts/advice/tips!

Happy Friday 

Kayte xx

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

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March Empties

Another edition of what's gracing my rubbish bin this month featuring FOUR makeup products.  If you know me even a little bit you'll know this is huge progress ;)

Batiste Dry Shampoo
Love these dry shampoos but not so much this 'original' scent.  Doesn't really smell like anything - I prefer the Blush or Tropical scents best but I find they all do the same great job.

Dove Deodorant - Clear Touch
Always use this one - great for no white marks (most of the time) and keeps me dry all day without an over-powering scent.

David Jones Cream Foundation - Fair
.  I really liked this foundation.  Gave a really nice finish with buildable coverage.
Full review here.

MUA Professional Eyes Primer
Chucking as it doesn't work at all.  In fact when I use this my eyeshadow creases long before it would have if I had applied nothing at all.

Elizabeth Arden All Gone Eye & Lip Remover
A great oil/water duo makeup remover.

Garnier Intensive Repair Lotion for Extra-Dry Skin
I love this body moisturiser.  Leaves my skin really soft and hydrated.

Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray
I've had this for ages and hardly used it because I just didn't get the hype.  I finally started using it again as a spritz over my foundation and was really enjoying it.  It's really refreshing and leaves my skin with a soft dewy finish.  Not sure if it makes my makeup last longer as I don't tend to have too much problem with that but it does make my face look ten times better if I've accidentally over-powdered.  

Urban Rituelle Purse Spray - Cotton Candy
My goodness this scent is divine.  Anytime I wear this I get so many comments.  I keep this in my bag for when I need a touch-up of perfume during the day.  I repurchased this before it ran out because I couldn't bear to be without it.  I also got a candle in the same scent.  Best. Scent. Ever.

Kevin Murphy Anti-Gravity Spray
This is a great volumizing spray that doesn't weigh down my hair or leave any residue on my roots.  I spray this lavender-scented product into my hair when it's wet, comb through and then blow dry.  Cue bouncy hair :)

Maybelline Full n Soft & Falsies Mascara
I didn't much like the Falsies mascara so I'm chucking it before it's even finished.  The Full n Soft however has been one of my favourites for years and was one of the first mascaras I ever owned as a black eyeliner wearing 14 year old.  Finished it and repurchased, in the waterproof version this time.

Are you good at finishing up products or are you like me and keep a stash of half-empty products around forever?

Kayte xx