Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday's Letters - May 9th 2014

I like to send announcements via snapchat :)

I'm so excited to be flying back to Darwin this Sunday morning.  I lived in Darwin for 3 and a half years and left in December 2012 and have really missed the place.  I'm heading up just for a few weeks to help my old boss out during a really busy time.  The things I'm most excited about are: being warm and soaking up the sunshine, visiting my most favourite ocean spot, going to Mindil Markets, ocean-side runs and catching up with old friends.  I'm also excited to work my butt off and be challenged again, there's something really satisfying about doing an honest hard day's work.

I hit a bump in the road with my Couch to 5k this week.  I'm on Week 5 and got stuck on Day 2... I repeated it three times before I managed to complete it meaning that I'm behind schedule.  I'm not too worried about the schedule though because I know that with every run I'm getting stronger and fitter and it's all working towards my final goal of running 5kms.  My next run is happening tomorrow (Saturday) morning and it's running for 20mins straight.  I know I can do it and I can't wait to fist-pump the air when I complete it. 

I had my hair done this week for the first time in a few months (the photo above was taken before).  It's always scary finding a new hairdresser in a new place but this one came recommended by my sister and she always has amazing hair so I quickly made an appointment.  I came out with a new cut and colour - more layers and much darker - and it's honestly made such an improvement.  I feel like it's made my makeup look better too haha.

We're celebrating Mothers Day a day early this weekend as I'm flying out on Sunday and I'm looking forward to taking Mum out for brunch and giving her a pretty cool present :)

Glasshouse Fragrance candles are amazing - If you get the chance smell the Tahaa candle, It's Vanilla Caramel and is to die for.

I don't think I'll have time for blogging while I'm working up in Darwin so the blog will most likely be on a hiatus for a little while.  Feel free to follow me on instagram @kaytlynz if you wanna see what I'm up to...

Kayte xx

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