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Friday's Letters - 19th June 2014

Newcastle NSW, Newcastle, NSW, Nobby's Beach, Ocean, Beach, Waves
Newcastle NSW - June 2014
I'm back in Newcastle now after my 4 week trip to Darwin.  As much as I love Darwin I definitely did miss this place.  Winter here in Newcastle has been pretty mild so far and apart from a couple of rainy days it's been mostly cool sunny days.  Perfect!

I'm still going with my running and am slowly working out a routine now that I don't have the couch to 5k app telling me what to do.  I'm running three times a week, one with intervals, one 3k and one 5k.  I managed to beat 3 PB's this week with my fastest 1k, fastest 5k and fastest 1mile.  Was pretty effing stoked with myself.  As soon as I can get my 5k under 30 mins I think I'll start increasing my distance and work my way up to 10k.  I also joined the gym this week with my sister... it's so awesome to have a workout partner in crime!

My plan once I'd returned from Darwin was to find some temp work to do to keep myself busy but in my first week back we found out that Dad's brain tumour is getting bigger and the doctors have given him 3 months max. Even though we knew that this was probably going to be the case (although we still clung to hope it would be different) it doesn't make it any easier hearing those words.  I feel like I'm lucky in the sense that I don't have a job right now and I'm able to spend this time with my Dad and helping out my Mum where I can and so I've decided not to look for any work right now.  I'll sell a kidney if I have to but after all the years I've spent away from my family I'm not gonna let money be the reason that I'm not here now.

I ordered some new prescription glasses this week from Oscar Wylee - 2 pairs for $98 - yup prescription lenses and all.  Just trying to use up my health fund credits before the end of the financial year haha!  If you need glasses you should definitely check them out - they have a try at home system where you can trial 5 frames for 5 days (free postage there and back) so you can pick the ones that suit you best and get your family's opinion while you're at it.

This is turning out to be a massive Friday's letter haha but I have one more awesome deal to tell you about.  My very first Red Paw Paw box arrived this week.  Think Bellabox but for food!!  You pay $5 every month and they send you a big box of food and household items to try and then you review them.  I was amazed by how big the box was and there was so much stuff inside.  Mostly all full sized too.. Check out for more info.

Enough rambling... TGIF

Kayte xx

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