Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Review: Shanghai Suzy Lipsticks

Miss Georgia Pink Plum, Miss Sanja Fuchsia and Miss Sally Watermelon

I was looking through the Bellabox online store recently trying to pick something to use my points on when I saw these 3 lipsticks.  I've seen a few reviews on this fairly new brand and all of them were glowing so I was intrigued to try them out.  I picked up the only 3 colours that were available: Miss Georgia Pink Plum, Miss Sanja Fuchsia and Miss Sally Watermelon.  Cool names huh!  

Shanghai Suzy are a lipstick only cosmetics brand that specialise in bright pigmented colours.  The lipsticks come in one of two formulas: Nourish or Matte and each colour is limited edition with the idea that new colours come out every season. At a RRP of $12.95 it makes it easy and affordable to update your makeup with the season.

I absolutely adore the packaging of these lipsticks.  The top has a square of colour that indicates the lipstick shade making it so easy to pick up the one you're looking for in a sea of lipsticks without having to read shade names.  On the bottom is the shade name as well as the formula type.  The lipsticks are housed in a black cube and the lid clicks on securely.

Like everyone else who has tried these lipsticks I was really impressed.  The nourish formula really does feel nourishing on the lips and the colour pay-off is amazing.  I found it needed a top up after a couple of hours but that's to be expected and it feels so hydrating on the lips I was looking forward to re-applying.  The matte formula is surprisingly quite nourishing too - it doesn't seem to pull or highlight any dry parts and again the colour pay-off is fantastic.  The matte formula lasted a lot longer than the nourish and left a nice stain on my lips.  

Miss Georgia Pink Plum, Miss Sanja Fuchsia and Miss Sally Watermelon

I couldn't finish this review without telling you about the scent of these lipsticks.  As soon as I unclicked the lid of the lipstick I was greeted with the amazing scent of grape... reminding me of my child hood days of chewing grape hubba bubba.  The fragrance doesn't last long on the lips but it's a nice little touch to the lipsticks that I was really impressed with.

I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for each new season's release and picking up some more colours to add to my collection.

If you want to see the current selection of colours available head to

Kayte xx



  1. Gorgeous colours!!! Love the price too :)

  2. I love Shanghai Suzy! I have 6 lippies from them, and I can see the collection growing in the future!

  3. Ahh I looove these, I have five shades and I need more! I love the packaging and the scent as well, these lippies just seem to tick all the boxes!


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