Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Want Volume? Get it here...

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SACHAJUAN Dark Volume Powder

I'm a sucker for any products that promises volume...  And dry shampoo for that matter.  So when I was offered the chance to try a volumising dry shampoo especially formulated for Dark Hair I was already sold.  Sachajuan is a Swedish brand that was completely unknown to me before now.  The brand boasts a range of salon quality Shampoos, Conditioners as well as a few Styling products.

Sachajuan Dark Volume Powder* is a powder-based spray that creates volume and provides structure. The product is dry and gives a matt finish and a fresh feel between shampoos. Volume Powder is suitable for both long and short hair. The product is adapted for dark hair.

I've found this post quite hard to write as I'm sure you're all gonna think I've been paid to tell you how awesome this product is, or that I'm only raving about it because I received this product for trial purposes.  But honestly.... this is the best volumizing product I have used so far.  My pet hate with volumizing products is that while most of them deliver on the volume, they leave my hair feeling sticky, or built up with residue so that I'm dying to wash my hair within a couple of hours.  The dry shampoo aspect of this product means that not only am I getting some awesome volume, my hair still feels light and clean which in turn extends the need to wash my hair for an extra day.  This product is housed in an aerosol can meaning an even distribution of product and with the powder being dark it means there's no sight of any white residue in my hair.  It's so easy to use, I simply spray it through my roots and tousle through with my fingers and it's done.  Easy as that!

The only downside that I could find to this product is the price.  At $40 for a 200ml can it's definitely on the pricy side although I've been using mine religiously for nearly 3 weeks now and it still feels like there's a fair amount left in there.  I figure if I add up the cost of my normal dry shampoo ($10approx) and a volumizing product ($20approx) it's only $10 extra to add it all into one convenient product.  I don't know about you but I've now justified it in my mind lol.  Fore more information about Sachjuan or to purchase the products head to

Sorry about the iphone pics but here's a before and after using the product....

Are you a fan of volumising products?  What's your favourite?

Kayte x

 *This item was provided as a sample to trial for the purpose of reviewing.  I received no compensation for writing this review and views are completely my own - please read my disclosure policy for more details.


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