Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Luk Lip Nourish - Orange & Juniper

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LUK Lip Nourish in Orange & Juniper - Dusky Pink

Natural seems to be one of those words that gets thrown around a lot these days.  Anyone and everyone are making products and labelling them 'natural' because it's not really word than can be definitively defined. I've never really been bothered by whether the makeup I wear is natural or not, I mean to be honest I drink a shit-ton of Diet Coke every week and there ain't nothing natural about that.  

However when I received a Lip Balm citing to be 100% natural with information about how there are so many chemicals in our skincare and makeup it sure got me thinking.  I'm not about to turn into a hippy anytime soon and chuck out all my earthly belongings to live off the land but it doesn't hurt to learn more about what we put into (and onto) our bodies so we can make informed choices about the products we buy. 

Okay that's enough serious stuff this blog post is actually about the previously mentioned lip balm... Luk Lip Nourish, a lip product made with all natural ingredients.

This lip balm boasts some pretty awesome ingredients; Avocado Oil, Jojoba, Cocoa Butter, Orange Oil just to name a few. I could already tell just from those, that this lip balm was going to be incredibly hydrating and I wasn't disappointed.  The Orange & Juniper lip balm is tinted to a dusky pink colour which gives a 'my lips but better" finish and leaves my lips super soft and hydrated.  I'm absolutely in love with this lip balm and I keep it close-by all day, it's a definite re-purchase when it runs out.

The Lip Nourish range comes in 7 different flavours/shades and retails at $24.95.  Head to to view the full range and to purchase.

What's your favourite lip balm?

Kayte xx

LUK Lip Nourish, Orange & Juniper, Dusky Pink
Luk Lip Nourish in Orange & Juniper - Dusky Pink

*This product was provided to me for the purpose of review.  I was not compensated for my review and as per my disclosure my thoughts are completely my own and have not been swayed in any way.  Honestly always.

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  1. Tx so much Kayte for taking the time to review my lip nourish to share with your readers. Glad you loved it Cindy x


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