Tuesday, November 18, 2014

An Update... I'm back

I haven't updated this little space here for a couple of months, and before that my posting was sporadic at the best of times.  On September 11 2014, I lost my precious Dad to brain cancer.  We had 11 months from diagnosis before he was gone and it was a disease that was all-consuming and hideous.  The journey was a personal one and something I won't dwell on here in this little space of beauty.  In saying that, you can't experience something like that and not be changed by it.

My blog isn't taking a new direction...  I'll still just be here posting about beauty products whenever the inspiration hits me.  I won't run on a time schedule, I won't do sponsored posts, I won't advertise weird products and I definitely won't write anything that isn't my true opinion.   So for now I'm back and I have a few different post ideas up my sleeve, feel free to comment with any questions or to ask my opinion on anything.  Always down for a chat about beauty :)

Kayte xx

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  1. I had no idea you'd lost your Dad! I was actually thinking about you just the other week wondering how he/you were going. Cancer is an awful disease and I know how hard it is losing a parent. My thoughts are with you and your family.

    Excited to see you back and writing again! xx

    1. Thankyou Sarah - that's so lovely of you. Loving the new look of your blog too - very inspiring :)



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