Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Quick Tip Tuesday - What to do with your old mascaras....

Did you know your mascara needs to be thrown out after 3 months?  Once your mascara starts to dry out and/or get clumpy it starts to become a breeding ground for bacteria which of course is not something we want in or around our eyes.  

When it's time to throw my mascaras away, I keep the wands.  Yup clean mascara wands are really useful to have around for all sorts of things.

My favourite uses are:

1.  Combing through your lashes on days when you get over excited with your mascara.
2.  Taming eyebrows - spray a bit of hairspray onto the mascara wand and brush through your eyebrows for a quick, cheap dupe for a brow gel.
3.  Cleaning jewellery.
4.  Cleaning around taps in your bathroom or kitchen

What should I do with old mascara wands?
Mascara Graveyard....

Once it's time to say goodbye to your old mascara, fill up your sink with warm water, add a couple of drops of makeup brush cleaner or detergent (I'm a fan of the Daiso brush cleaner) and leave to soak for 15 minutes.  Then rub them clean with your fingers and a bit more cleaner and leave to dry.  I cut the lids off mine but you can leave them on if you like.

mascara wands, mascara, lashes, cleaning brushes, makeup
Leave mascara wands to soak in warm water for 15 mins...

Voila!  All clean.....

Do you have any handy uses for mascara wands??

Kayte xx

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