Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Top 5 Disappointing Products

Top 5 Disappointing Products - Not Worth The Hype!

Every so often a product comes around that you can't help but hear about.  So many people are raving about it,  convincing you that if you don't have this certain product in your life... well do you even makeup?

I've fallen into the trap time and time again where I get caught up in the hype and I spend precious time tracking down some hard to find product, or forking out more money than I should on that must-have item!

Here are 5 products that fall into this category and in MY opinion... just weren't worth it.

Hourglass Ambient Light - Diffused Light
When these powders first came out it didn't matter where you looked someone was talking about them.  Any product that promises photoshopped skin by applying a powder can basically just take all my money.  

I use mine as a setting powder but needless to say there is no Photoshopped skin around here.  It's just my regular blemished skin with powder on top.  Is it a nice product? Yes.  Do I like it? Yes.  Do I love it? Nope.  Is it worth $59? No way.

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer
I seriously do not understand what the hype was at all with this product but I seem to be the only one who it didn't work for.  Imagine putting wet paint on your lips that never dries... Everytime you touch your mouth, eat something, sip on your water bottle... this stuff just slides everywhere.  Awful stuff. Ugh! Luckily these only retail for $15.95 but I wouldn't pay a cent for this stuff.

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Brow Wiz
The product alone is really good.  It's a skinny brow pencil thats super easy to work with and create natural looking brows.  Unfortunately there is such a small amount of product inside that it makes it totally not worth the price.  Also because the lead is so thin it breaks super easily meaning even if you do manage to make this last longer than 2 weeks it'll most likely break off into small unusable bits anyway.  A total rip off at $39.

MAC Paint Pot
Maybe it's just the colour I have (Vintage Selection) but this product is super hard to work with.  Not creamy at all and applies really unevenly.  Maybelline Color Tattoos shit all over this. RRP$35

Australis Contouring & Highlighting Kit
Okay this is a fairly new one and this kit was pretty much sold out the moment it hit stands.  Of course this meant I had to have it and spent ages trawling different Pricelines and chemists trying to find one.  When I finally found it and got it home to try out I was pretty disappointed.  The contouring colours are the worst, the colours are really muddy and hard to work with.  The highlighter is quite nice but far too loose and powdery and the yellow shade is nice under the eye but again the powder is so loose.  Luckily this product is only $16.95 but still I think you're better off saving up to get one nice contour product (highly recommend Benefit Hoola for this) and one good highlighter.

Do you have any products you thought didn't live up to their hype?  I'd love to hear about them.

Kayte xx


  1. I agree with EVERYTHING you have just mentioned (except the paint pots). I used to hate the Anastasia brow wiz and I think I have also mentioned it in my disappointing products post, but when I was forcing myself to use it up I ended up finding it really handy just for shaping my brows. It's an extra step to my normal brow routine, but it works fab when you want to look really put together.

    1. I'm wondering if it's just the colour paint pot I have... Totally agree with the Brow Wiz - I just wish there was more (and it cost less)

      Thanks for commenting

      Kayte x

  2. YES about the Apocolips! I thought I was the only one to not like it. Shame I bought 3 colours since everyone said they were sooooooo good.

    1. Yeah I bought a couple of colours too Amy, it's so easy to get sucked in to the hype isn't it.

      Thanks for commenting - hope you are your little family are well

      Kayte x

  3. I've heard this about the Brow Wiz before (mainly the tiny amount of product). I don't mind my Apocalips lacquers but I think I might be regretting getting the AC On Tour Kit. Damn that hype!


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