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Kerastase Fusio-Dose Treatment - Franck Provost Paris Salon

I was recently given the opportunity to visit my local Franck Provost Paris hair salon to have a treatment and a blow-dry.  I live in Newcastle in NSW and my closest store is located at the Westfield at Kotara.  Just a disclaimer to start off with, this is not a paid/sponsored post however, I was provided the treatment and blow-dry free of charge.  I am under no obligation to write about my experience but have chosen to do so.

Franck Provost Paris Salon - Westfield Kotara
Franck Provost Paris Salon - Westfield Kotara

About My Hair

I have really fine wavy hair that I colour (bright red) myself every 6 weeks or so.  I have long hair (mid way down my back) and am in dire need of a haircut.  My last haircut was around 6 months or so and my split ends are out of control.  I try to take care of it with good quality products but it's so long now I basically wash it a couple of times a week, dry it and then put it up in a ponytail.  To say my hair was in need of a treatment and some love is a massive understatement.

The Salon

Franck Provost Paris is France's No 1 Salon brand and now has 24 stores in Australia with more stores opening later this year.  The Franck Provost salon that I visited is located in Westfield Kotara on the second level next to David Jones.  The Salon uses and stocks Kerastase and Loreal Professional as well as tools by Cloud Nine.  I met two staff members during my visit and both were extremely down to earth and lovely.  The hairdresser who looked after me was the lovely Danae who is also the Store Manager, she was lovely to chat with and answered lots of pesky questions from me with no hesitation.

 The Treatment

When talking with Danae we discussed the need for both shine and nourishment to give my hair a pick me up.  Traditionally treatments only target one area but I was being treated to the Kerastase Fusio Dose Treatment which is basically a tailor-made treatment that is personalised to treat your specific concerns and lasts up to 6 washes.  There are four concentrates and five boosters your hairdresser can choose from to give up to twenty different combinations of treatments.  Once I had discussed and selected my treatment my hair was washed thoroughly.  The treatment is sprayed into the hair a section at a time and massaged into the hair.  I was able to feel my hair before and after the product had been sprayed in and within seconds there was a noticeable difference.  As soon as all the treatment had been sprayed and massaged in I was treated to an amazing head massage and nearly fell asleep.  Unlike other treatments, this one isn't left to soak in for any amount of time.  As soon as the head massage was over the treatment was washed out and I was whisked over to have it blow-dried.

The Blow-Dry

I've never been very talented at doing anything with hair.  Give me a face to paint and I'm all over it, but for some reason, hair has never been my strong suit.  Don't get me wrong I've attempted many times with a round brush and hair dryer to get something happening but my hair just won't co-operate.  Of course, these things are best left to the professionals and as soon as Danae started drying my hair I noticed straight away how much softer my hair was thanks to the treatment.  My wavy unruly hair was blow-dried straight with ease and I was blown away by how healthy and shiny my hair looked at the end.   

Before & After - Kerastase Fusio-Dose Treatment
Before & After - Kerastase Fusio-Dose Treatment

Overall Experience

Overall it was an amazing experience, there's nothing like a treatment and blow-dry to make your Friday afternoon the perfect entrance to the weekend.  There was a noticeable difference in the shine and softness of my hair as you can see in the before and after photos.  I've had treatments at the hairdresser before but the Kerastase Fusio-Dose Treatment definitely blows them out of the water.  I still haven't washed my hair since having the treatment so I can't confirm or deny whether the effects last up to 6 washes but I've had a highly enjoyable weekend swishing my soft shiny hair around and not having it up in a ponytail for a change!  

A huge thankyou to Danae and the Franck Provost Paris Salon for hosting me and spoiling me rotten.  I'll definitely be heading back to the lovely Danae soon for a much needed hair cut.

If you're looking for a new hairdresser I do recommend checking out your local Franck Provost Salon, their products are beautiful and hopefully, you'll find staff as nice as they are at the Westfield Kotara Franck Provost Salon.

Kayte xx

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