Friday, May 5, 2017

MorpheMe Makeup Brush Subscription Club - April 2017

MorpheMe Makeup Brush Club April 2017 Deluxe Tapered Powder (R10), Deluxe Pointed Blender (R40) Pro Flat Contour (R8)

I'm quite a big fan of Morphe brushes so when I found out recently that they had a brush subscription service I knew I was definitely going to sign up.  My first brushes arrived midway through April and I was super happy with what I received.  I also received a bonus brush for using someone's affiliate code (Keep reading - I'll have one for you at the end of this post).

Basically, the MorpheMe Brush Club is just as it sounds.  You pay a set fee every month ($20USD) and receive $30USD worth of Morphe brushes.  Shipping is free if you live in the US but costs extra for me here in Australia.  They promise to give you anywhere between 3 and 7 brushes per month and never the same brush twice.  They also have the option of a six month or annual subscription which makes it even cheaper.

MorpheMe Makeup Brush Club April 2017 Deluxe Tapered Powder (R10), Deluxe Pointed Blender (R40) Pro Flat Contour (R8)

The brushes I received for the month of April were all from the Rose Gold collection and are just beautiful.  I received a Deluxe Tapered Powder (R10), Deluxe Pointed Blender (R40) and a Pro Flat Contour (R8).  The bonus brush I received for my first order (using an affiliate code) was a M214 which is the Oval Shadow Concealer Brush.  The brushes come with a leaflet explaining what each brush is and how to use it.

Deluxe Tapered Powder (R10), Deluxe Pointed Blender (R40) Pro Flat Contour (R8)

The Morphe brushes are amazing quality.  I have a full face set of Morphe brushes that I bought over a year ago that are still in impeccable condition even though I use them every day.  These Rose Gold additions feel like even better quality.  The bristles are thick and dense to make product application even easier and they all feel so lovely and soft on the skin.  The Rose Gold plating is not only beautiful to look at it gives an extra weight to the brushes making them just as lovely to hold.

MorpheMe Brush Club Deluxe Tapered Powder (R10), Deluxe Pointed Blender (R40) Pro Flat Contour (R8)

For us here in Australia I thought I'd break down the pricing for you.  Including shipping these three brushes cost me $32AUD, this will obviously vary a bit each month depending on the currency rate.  I did a price comparison on Beauty Bay to buy these brushes and it came to about $58 shipped not including the bonus brush I received which is an extra $8.50.  

You can definitely see that this is great value and I really love the element of surprise that comes with a subscription service like this.  I can be guaranteed that I'm going to receive good quality Morphe branded brushes I just don't know which ones.  I do believe that this is going to go a long way in helping me 'brush up' on my makeup skills and let me try techniques that I wouldn't necessarily normally try.  The website for this subscription service is super easy to use and it has options to cancel or even skip a month if you need to and you also earn points that you can redeem on products.

If you'd like to sign up to the monthly Morphe Me Brush Club click on this link.  This is an affiliate link so by using this link you will get an extra free brush with your next order and so will I.  You will then be able to do the same thing by referring your friends and earning free brushes for them and yourself.

What do you think about this subscription service?  Are you a fan of the Morphe Brushes?

Kayte x

* I purchased these brushes myself and got the bonus one from using someone elses affiliate code.  I have also explained in the post how you can get a free brush by using an affiliate code. 


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