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IMATS Sydney 2017 - My Experience & Haul

IMATS Sydney 2017 Experience & Haul

I was lucky enough to visit IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) in Sydney on the weekend and I thought I'd sit down and write about it while it is still fresh in mind.  This will be a two part blog post.  Today I'll show you what I bought and tell you a little about the event and later in the week, I'll let you know my tips and tricks if you plan on attending in future years.  I'll also let you know in the next blog post what I paid for what I bought and how much I saved by attending this event, keeping in mind that I paid around $45 for my ticket to get in.

IMATS was held in the Royal Hall of Industries at Moore Park in Sydney on July 22nd and 23rd 2017.  For those of you not local it is approximately a 10-15 minute drive out of the Sydney CBD and easily accessible by public transport.  I arrived at about 9:30 and as expected there was a queue to enter but we were only in it for about 15 minutes so it wasn't too bad.  Once I was inside my ticket was scanned, ID checked and I grabbed a bag and program and got stuck in.

That first part can be really overwhelming as there are people and booths everywhere.  My sister and I decided to start at one end and just slowly make our way up and down the aisles until we'd seen every stand.  There were so many amazing brands in attendance, some familiar and some I'd never heard of before.  If I tell you about everything this will be a super long post so I'll just get straight in and tell you what I bought.

IMATS Sydney 2017 Experience & Haul

The only thing I had on my list was the RCMA powder (recommended by Beauty and the Ballroom) and the Studio Fix powder as a replacement for my Mineralize Skin Finish powder that I've nearly finished.  I swore I wouldn't pick up any lipsticks because I just don't wear them enough and I have a collection of at least 50 already but I failed and picked up two.  Both pink haha.  I don't think I went too overboard and I'm happy with what I picked up.  I'll list below the full haul:

RCMA No-Color Powder
Model Rock Lashes x4
Model Rock Mini Lash Glue in Black
LA Girl Pro Concealer x2 Porcelain & Light Ivory
Makeup Store Lipstick Pen in French Lilac
Makeup Store Eyeshadows x2 Sapphire & Metallic Wave
Inglot Freedom Eyeshadows x4 Shades 160, 319, 357, 329 (I already own a palette)
Violet Voss Liquid Lipstick in Tryst
Hakuhodo Eye Brush B5507
Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate
MAC Studio Fix Powder NC20

IMATS Sydney 2017 Experience & Haul Model Rock Lashes

IMATS Sydney 2017 Experience & Haul Violet Voss & LA Girl

IMATS Sydney 2017 Experience & Haul Inglot Freedom Palette

A couple of the brands gave out freebies with purchases and I received an OCC Lip Tar when I purchased the RCMA powder and a mini eyeshadow sample and cream sachet from Inglot.

IMATS Sydney 2017 Experience & Haul oCC & Inglot

I really enjoyed my time at IMATS.  I spent a good 2-3 hours there just looking at and swatching products and listened to a couple of demos and talks which were really inspiring.  One of the brands that caught my eye the most was Matticulous World.  I hadn't heard of this brand before and I'm kicking myself now that I didn't pick anything up but their highlighters are out of this world (both liquid and powder) and they do a build your own eyeshadow palette similar to Inglot that was beautiful too.  The products were really well priced and seemed like great quality.  

I was quite disappointed in the Morphe products at the Makeup Net stand.  They were selling the 35 Eyeshadow palettes for $40 which can be picked up at Beauty Bay currently for $38 so definitely not a bargain there.  There was a really big queue for the Limecrime and Gerard stand but these are quite easily accessible online so I didn't bother lining up for those.  The MAC stand was really busy as they had a blanket 20% off everything but the girls were super helpful and I was in and out with what I wanted in less than 5 minutes.  The other place with a massive queue was NYX as they had 40% off everything but nothing intrigued me enough to bother queueing up.

Hakuhodo was one of the ones I was most looking forward to looking at as they have the most luxurious makeup brushes.  I knew they were going to be expensive but I wanted to at least pick up one brush.  The number of brushes and different types of hair for each brush was quite overwhelming so I spent most of my time just looking at the eyeshadow brushes and picked one that I thought would be quite versatile.  It's super soft and I can't wait to try it out.

There were no special guests this year even though they had advertised that Kat Von D would be there she must've pulled out which is a shame.  The Sydney IMATS definitely has nothing on the US or UK ones which have way more brands, better pricing and more '"famous" people.  I mean heck I didn't even see any popular beauty bloggers there haha.  That didn't really bother me though, I'm not the type of person who would line up to see a celeb or famous makeup artist but it would be cool to see some way bigger brands come over from the US.

If you want me to review any of these products please do let me know and I'll write them up as I start using them.  Stay tuned as later in the week I'll be writing a post on Tips & Tricks for attending and getting the best out of IMATS as well as the pricing and if it's really worth it.  My ticket cost me around $45 for IMATS and that was the early bird price + fees, tickets at the door cost $60.

Let me know if you went to IMATS too, I love reading about other people's experiences.

Kayte xx


  1. Glad you enjoyed it and would love to know what you think of the RCMA powder. I'm loving it. I found the Mac counter really helpful at the U.K. One too...not pushy sales people, would help and then leave you to it etc which I prefer to someone trying to force sell whatever they've just advised!! Great post xx

  2. I would love to know what you think of Embryollaise ❤️

  3. That look so fun.. I bet hauling at IMAT is a huge temptation 😁

  4. I've been to IMATS in the past and its good but not great. I think its so easier to buy online now and get great deals that you don't really save anything by going to IMATS. If they had some great guest speakers or demos I think I would consider going again!

  5. One day I will get there! I really want to go but I hate big crowds so it terrifies me a little bit. Great haul by the way.

    Emma | Rosy Disposition

  6. Ive never been but always say next year. From what I have heard it seems crowds are dying down more and more each year. How amazing would it be to attend one of the US ones!

  7. It sounds like you had an amazing time and got some great products. I haven't been in a couple of years I was a little disappointed last time I went but I do enjoy the demonstrations from the artists and see the SFX work :)

  8. Glad you enjoyed :) Can' wait for review of products :)

  9. Love the colors of Inglot Freedom Eyeshadows and Violet Voss Liquid Lipstick. Nice haul btw :)

  10. I have never been to IMATS and plan to do so next time. You have some great picks from the event, the Hakuhodo brush looks amazing :)

  11. I love the Pro concealer. Also so jealous you got to attend IMATS!

  12. I was shocked at how un-crowded it was. I went on saturday this year which is usually the busiest, but last years sunday was far more crowded than this years saturday. The line at morphe was gone by around 11am, same with macs crowd. I got there late and just walked right in.


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