Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Where I've been & Why I'm Back Blogging

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Okay okay I know it's been a long time between posts but I've had a lot going on okay!  I ummed and aaahd wether or not to hang up my fingers? haha and say goodbye to the world of blogging but the truth is even if hardly anyone reads this I really enjoy doing it.  Sitting down and writing about beauty products and my opinion of them is like a dream job for me.  So why not just keep on doing it, I mean I'm not making any money here but I'm also not making any money by NOT blogging haha.

A lot has changed since I started blogging in 2013.  For me personally, I got married, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl (shes 2 now whaaat), nursed my Dad through terminal brain cancer and said our final goodbye a few short months later.  I moved from Adelaide to Newcastle in 2014 and just over a month ago we made the move North to sunny Brisbane.  I'm an #armywife so we move every 3 years but this last move was particularly hard as it was our first with a child and I had to leave my Mum and Sister behind in Newcastle.  A lot has changed in the blogging world since I started too.  The internet is absolutely saturated now with beauty blogs, Instagram accounts and Youtubers all talking about beauty products and offering their opinion to the world.  I don't claim to offer anything different to anyone else but I do promise to always be honest and to always disclose if a product is gifted to me.  I absolutely love when one of my friends sends me a message and asks me about a particular product or for a recommendation on something so I'm basically just doing that but making it public.  

Okay enough rambling, it's only been 6 months since I wrote a post not 6 years and I'm feeling super inspired and motivated to write about some new products, let you in on some of my all-time faves and basically answer all your questions when it comes to beauty products.

If you ever want my opinion on a brand or product or just want to chat about anything at all feel free to leave a comment on my blog, DM me over on Instagram (@imminentbeauty) or email me at imminentbeauty@gmail.com.  Also if you never want to miss a post make sure you fill out your email address in the 'follow by email' box (over on the right hand side if you're using a desktop).

Here's to a great 2018


P.S February is the new January FYI :)


  1. I’m super glad you are back on here blogging, never hang up those glam fingers babe x

  2. I read it! Love your blogs and beauty advice, never stop ok?!


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