PR Information & Disclosure Policy

Imminent Beauty is a PR friendly blog. 

For my readers what this means is that from time to time a PR company may send me a product with the intention of having it reviewed on my blog.  In this instance I will always provide an honest review - good or bad.  My intention is to provide my readers with as much information as possible.  Nobody wins from a dishonest review!  In short - 100% honesty ALWAYS!

For PR company's as I mentioned I'm more than happy to be provided with product for the intention of a review if I feel that the product fits in with what the readers are interested in.  If you have a specific time frame that you need a review completed by please contact me first to ensure that this is possible.  I also juggle blogging with a full-time job and a life so while I can't promise that every product I get sent will be reviewed I can promise that those reviews that do get posted will be 100% honest.

Items that have been provided to me for my consideration are always marked with a * and will have a disclaimer at the end of the blog post.

Please contact me directly on if you would like to know my current blog stats or any more information.

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